2014 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Interior Your Building's Anatomy
2014 November Your Building's Anatomy

From the outside, the structure of a condo or co-op building may appear to be monolithic; just one big piece of brick and steel, punctuated with some glass here and there. That's an oversimplification, however. A multifamily building is pe…

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Interior Boiler Maintenance Basics
2014 November Boiler Maintenance Basics

The rarely stated—but all too well understood—Murphy’s Law for Boilers—asserts that if your boiler quits working, it will do so on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or at 4:45 p.m. on the coldest day of the year. With some planning, though, tha…

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Interior Plumbing the Depths
2014 November Plumbing the Depths

Of all the modern conveniences we take for granted, perhaps none is as profoundly basic—and indispensable—as indoor plumbing. Carrying fresh water into our homes and taking waste water away, the pipes in our condo or co-op buildings are th…

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Interior The Human Factor
2014 November The Human Factor

Property managers know that whether they're running a small, contained walk-up building, a multi-unit high rise, or a sprawling condo development in the suburbs, materials, capital and personnel all fall under their administrative jurisdic…

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Real Estate Trends Holiday Tipping Etiquette
2014 November Holiday Tipping Etiquette

As the holiday season approaches in the Big Apple, many New Yorkers may be preoccupied with choosing gifts for picky family members, finding a parking spot downtown, or snagging that coveted new smartphone. Those who live in multifamily bu…

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Maintenance Disaster Recovery
2014 November Disaster Recovery

Big or small, disasters often strike out of the blue. They catch us unaware, flatfooted and feeling helpless at their impact. This is especially true when these events hit us at home or within our shared communities. When fire, flood, hurr…

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Maintenance Fighting Snow & Ice
2014 November Fighting Snow & Ice

Though the last couple of winters have been unusually mild, New York City does in fact get slammed with the occasional blizzard or ice storm—and when it does, the heavy snow and freezing temperatures inflict lots of wear-and-tear on co-op …

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Management New York Workers' Compensation Law
2014 November New York Workers' Compensation Law

Workers' compensation as we know it today—the insurance system that provides medical care and other benefits for workers who become sick or injured in the course of doing their jobs—grew out of the European labor movement in the late 19th …

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Board Operations Property Management Contracts
2014 November Property Management Contracts

Any New York building of significant size needs a professional building manager in order to function from day-to-day, and even smaller buildings often need some help from a management company. Before any management company is hired, howeve…

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Neighborhoods Bushwick, Brooklyn
2014 November Bushwick, Brooklyn

Kale pizza, street art (don’t call it graffiti— instead think eye-popping, colorful murals, like Danielle Mastrioni’s ode to late rapper Biggie Smalls), hour-long waits at the newest, hottest restaurants and soaring rents have all become h…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Resistance to Selling a Unit
2014 November Q&A: Board Resistance to Selling a Unit

Q I am trying to sell my co-op, and the board has expressed they will not approve a purchase under $145,000.The market comps are $140,000 (high end) $120,000 (low end), and I sold mine for $136,000. We have a viable purchaser who has alre…

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Q&A Q&A: Transferring an HDFC Co-op
2014 November Q&A: Transferring an HDFC Co-op

My grandmother purchased shares from a HDFC co-op in 1995 for $250. When she passed away, the president of the board explained that since there was no notarized letter signed by her willing the apartment to someone that the family had lost …

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