2014 April
Focus on... Landscape & Curb Appeal

Landscaping The Urban Jungle
2014 April The Urban Jungle

In a city known for its expanses of steel and concrete, despite that giant expanse of parkland at its center, it can be easy to forget the importance that greenery plays in the life of New Yorkers. For many co-op and condo residents, the f…

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Landscaping Green is the New Black
2014 April Green is the New Black

Patches of green, living things are pretty rare in the city. Outside of Central and Prospect Parks, New Yorkers don’t generally get a lot of leafy goodness in their lives—not all of us have a key to Gramercy Park, after all. Some co-op and…

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Landscaping Fence Me In
2014 April Fence Me In

Many suburban homeowners have dreams of that legendary white picket fence, but those who live in the city can also definitely appreciate the importance of demarcating their property. Many condos and co-ops around the five boroughs have fen…

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Landscaping Not in My Yard
2014 April Not in My Yard

Condos and HOA communities can be a great setting to own a home, enjoy privacy and the comforts of your own personal space. But, there will always be tension between the desire to make your unit your own, and adhering to the rules of the c…

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Maintenance Swimming Pool Maintenance 101
2014 April Swimming Pool Maintenance 101

As we hopefully move into warmer weather, lucky New Yorkers living in condos or co-ops with pools can spend all day tanning and swimming in the indoor or rooftop pools housed in their buildings. A swimming pool is a rare and valuable…

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Finance Keeping the Books
2014 April Keeping the Books

Think back to when you were younger and got your first job. You worked your hours—perhaps flipping burgers, taking orders or cutting the grass—and then earned your first paycheck. You went to the bank, signed the back and had it cashed and…

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Finance Predatory Lending
2014 April Predatory Lending

Matters of finance are difficult enough without the added stress of worrying about whether that deal you thought might be too good to be true is—in fact—too good to be true. With the onset of the recession and the revelations surrounding l…

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Board Operations Cooperation is Key
2014 April Cooperation is Key

Working together is something we all must do in one or many ways pretty much every day. But it’s a rule of thumb that’s easy to forget, given the varying pressures of a 21st century economy and the needs of businesses to profit, and of res…

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Real Estate Trends Solar Flair
2014 April Solar Flair

As fuel prices continue to climb, consumers—including real estate developers and building administrators—are looking for alternative ways to power their buildings while saving money. Solar power is one possible option for such consumers, b…

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Neighborhoods Howard Beach, New York
2014 April Howard Beach, New York

When most New Yorkers think of Howard Beach they think of the AirTrain station that connects it to neighboring JFK Airport, a few widely publicized racial incidents and the neighborhood being home to more than a few organized crime figures…

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Law & Legislation Lessons from SuperStorm Sandy
2014 April Lessons from SuperStorm Sandy

Most buildings in flood zone areas already maintained flood insurance as a result of lender requirements and therefore were covered by Sandy. The biggest surprise was those persons who use their homes as home offices or the building rents …

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Q&A Q&A: Question of Ownership
2014 April Q&A: Question of Ownership

Q On the stock certificate for our co-op, it just lists “John & Jane Smith.” Does that mean we own it “tenants by entirety” or “tenants in common?” If we want “tenants by entirety,” do we need to have it re-issued to state so? —Stockin…

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Q&A Q&A: Stove Problem
2014 April Q&A: Stove Problem

My stove failed to work. I called in the maintenance person in my building. He said that the shut off valve is useless. He will have to turn off the gas elsewhere. I bought a new stove from P.C. Richards. The technician told me that the pre…

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