2013 May
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The Cooperator's 26th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo
2013 May The Cooperator's 26th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo

 Attendees packed the aisles of the Hilton New York exhibit hall as The  Cooperator presented its 26th annual Co-op and Condo Expo, providing  networking, information and educational opportunities for co-op and condo  boards and residents …

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Design Enhancing the View
2013 May Enhancing the View

 The earliest windows were literally holes in walls—maybe covered by animal skins, if the owner was ambitious, or the weather was  chilly—and were useful only for allowing a little air and light into the living space.    Eventually,…

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Design It's Fun Being Green
2013 May It's Fun Being Green

 It many circles it’s considered socially or politically correct to “go green” when embarking on new construction projects or updating an existing property.  Cost-saving initiatives include solar roofs, energy-efficient lighting and  appli…

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Design All is Illuminated
2013 May All is Illuminated

 Call it the Ikea-fication of America. It seems that more and more people are  getting interested in design, especially when it comes to their own home. In  decades past, household furniture and decorations didn't vary a whole lot.  Growin…

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Maintenance Deep Blue
2013 May Deep Blue

 A beautiful amenity space just footsteps away from one’s morning coffee is a luxury most residents would love to consider when deciding  which property to call home. A well-maintained swimming pool can captivate  potential homebuyers but …

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Management That's Criminal
2013 May That's Criminal

 Mention “problem residents” in the context of a co-op or condo building, and chances are most people will  think about the noisy kids upstairs, the perpetually grumpy /litigious guy on  the third floor, or the lady down the hall with 12 c…

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Board Operations Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
2013 May Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

 Read any of the major business publications or websites and you’re bound to find articles on the importance of delegating. It’s one of the most fundamental skills for a successful business owner to have. A  simple Internet search finds sc…

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Maintenance Ain't No Crystal Stair
2013 May Ain't No Crystal Stair

 For some, stairwells are the dark little secret places between floors, where the  kids go to drink beer at night, or where others go to do who knows what. While  residents of most buildings will have few reasons to use their building’s in…

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Real Estate Trends Changing Times
2013 May Changing Times

 Bob Dylan famously sang, “The times, they are a-changin’,” and they sure have with Pew Research finding that for the next 17 years, 10,000  Baby Boomers will turn 65 every day. This staggering statistic, which includes  the 71-year-old ic…

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Board Operations Know the Rules
2013 May Know the Rules

 Back in the late 1800’s, an army officer named Henry Martyn Robert wrote a distillation of  Parliamentary Procedure (which was used by the American Congress at the time),  to help people run smooth and effective meetings, whether it be a …

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Neighborhoods Rye, New York: a Slice of Heaven
2013 May Rye, New York: a Slice of Heaven

 This bucolic Westchester County community is home to the popular amusement park  Playland and its famous wooden roller coaster, the Dragon Coaster (remember  when Glenn Close and Ellen Latzen took a ride on this roller coaster in the  198…

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Law & Legislation An Unusual Assessment
2013 May An Unusual Assessment

 A recent federal appeals court decision on the subject of income tax law stands  to be of great benefit to cooperative corporations around the city,  particularly in light of damage suffered in many buildings from Hurricane  Sandy. Alphon…

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Q&A Q&A: Question About Occupancy?
2013 May Q&A: Question About Occupancy?

Q Does a cooperative board have the legal right to create their own occupancy  guidelines?    —Curious Cooperator   A “The proprietary lease (sometimes called the “occupancy agreement” in certain co-ops) of a cooperative t…

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