2003 Dec
Focus on... Financial Strategies

Finance On the Straight and Narrow
2003 Dec On the Straight and Narrow

In the unfortunate and troubling event that you suspect incompetent - or even criminal - behavior regarding your building finances, an accountant or a certified fraud examiner can forensically investigate the issue to determine whether or …

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Finance Trimming the Bottom Line
2003 Dec Trimming the Bottom Line

With increasing costs for heating fuel, insurance, real estate taxes and the like taking a bite out of the operating budget of most every co-op and condo in the city, some cost saving measures can help stem the tide of rising costs. Payrol…

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Finance The Big Payback
2003 Dec The Big Payback

It's hard enough balancing our own personal budgets without having to worry about an entire city's bottom line. But that's exactly what New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg asked property owners to do last year when he sought a tax hike o…

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Finance Going Green to Save Green
2003 Dec Going Green to Save Green

Solar powered panels dotting rooftops. Recycled waste water replenishing toilets. Geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling. Filtered fresh air into apartments. What's next? Sheep grazing in the Sheep Meadow? Not necessarily, but …

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Neighborhoods On The Waterfront
2003 Dec On The Waterfront

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn has undergone a tremendous transformation from its days as a waterfront marketplace. The commercial makeover of Smith Street has transformed the locale into a thoroughfare of popular restaurants and today, it's consid…

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Security Check it at the Door
2003 Dec Check it at the Door

It's comforting to know that there's someone responsible and accountable at your door to receive your packages and hold them for you in a safe place, but since 2001, it may give you even more peace of mind to know that your building staff …

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Finance Fraud Prevention
2003 Dec Fraud Prevention

With all of the negative headlines involving multi-national corporations over the past few years, fraud has been elevated to the forefront of financial topics. This is the theme of a new accounting pronouncement that becomes effective this…

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Organizations Painting the Town Green
2003 Dec Painting the Town Green

Did you know that every time you flush the toilet, you use around six gallons of water? Or that compact fluorescent light bulbs use nearly 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and cost far less, too? After the blackout of 2…

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Design Home for the Holidays
2003 Dec Home for the Holidays

As the holiday season gathers steam, there may be quite a few of us procrastinating about decorating our living and workspaces. Decorating for the holidays - that time-honored tradition across so many cultures and faiths - can seem like a …

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