2003 Apr
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Installing Children's Playgrounds
2003 Apr Installing Children's Playgrounds

Health clubs, fitness centers and private garden spaces are just some of the amenities a condo or co-op can provide to enhance the pleasure and convenience of its residents. However, another, less common amenity to consider is an interior …

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Interior I Can See Clearly Now
2003 Apr I Can See Clearly Now

Quiz most New York City apartment-dwellers on what the primary force keeping undesirable elements out of their apartment is, and chances are they'll say, "the doorman," or their elderly neighbor who keeps a hawk's eye on the street, or ma…

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Maintenance Leader of the Pack
2003 Apr Leader of the Pack

When a building or an apartment owner embarks on a large project, they often turn to a construction manager to be on-site, keeping things to predetermined schedules, approving payments, making sure what's promised is delivered, and running…

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Interior A Year in the Life
2003 Apr A Year in the Life

After a winter destined to be remembered for its snowstorms, slush and sub-zero temperatures, you may welcome even spring cleaning with open arms. But every season - not just spring - brings with it a time to take care of specific types of…

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Design Terra Firma
2003 Apr Terra Firma

Used, abused, walked all over: Life is tough for flooring. That's why it's so important to plan wisely when the time comes to redo your floors. Given how quickly a poor floor will have to be redone, the right choice is much more than an ae…

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Interior Take a Walk on the Wild Side
2003 Apr Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Sick of stone? Weary of wood? Not to fear. There are new choices for flooring all the time. Whether any of them "stick" and become mainstream favorites remains to be seen, but they certainly offer some exciting new possibilities. Here is …

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Real Estate Trends Braving the Elements
2003 Apr Braving the Elements

On March 6th, The Cooperator hosted its 16th annual Co-op and Condo Expo at the New York Hilton at 53rd Street and Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan. The event has become a showcase for tri-state vendors, management agenci…

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Law & Legislation The Check's in the Mail
2003 Apr The Check's in the Mail

State legislation regulating the payment of contractors and allowing the withholding of payment for shoddy or incomplete construction work, was signed into law by Gov. George Pataki and became effective January 15. The Construction Co…

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Interior A Growing Problem
2003 Apr A Growing Problem

Mold (microscopic fungi that live on plant or animal matter) isn't a late 20th century plague. Mold has been ubiquitous since the beginnings of life itself. It is a critical part of the ecosystem, providing the enzymes that break down and …

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Interior Establishing a Mold Management Plan
2003 Apr Establishing a Mold Management Plan

Mold Management Plan "¢ Establish the concept of a partnership between management and building staff and the residents so that conditions that require attention are identified and dealt with promptly. "¢ Educate residents of their ob…

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Interior Tips on Mold Prevention
2003 Apr Tips on Mold Prevention

Mold Prevention Residents can help minimize mold growth in their apartment homes by taking the following actions: "¢ Open windows. Proper ventilation is essential. If it is not possible to open windows, run the fan on the apartment a…

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Interior To Leak or Not to Leak
2003 Apr To Leak or Not to Leak

Water - one of the great mysteries of life; Life itself isn't possible without it. Yet from the time of Noah and his ark, water has sometimes been a nuisance of great proportion. There are three very common types of water leaks that a…

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Neighborhoods It Takes a Village
2003 Apr It Takes a Village

Say the name "Greenwich Village," and immediately images of quiet, leafy streets lined with brownstones, or beret-clad bohemians drinking coffee and discussing art come to mind. The Village is one of New York's most famous and recognizabl…

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