2002 Aug
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Bracing for the Worst
2002 Aug Bracing for the Worst

Before last September, chances are that most people didn't give much thought to whether acts of terrorism were covered by their homeowner's insurance. Co-op boards and condo associations were more concerned with whether their "all-risk"…

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Insurance Covering All the Bases
2002 Aug Covering All the Bases

Accidents happen. Things go wrong. It's a simple fact of life. And sometimes the only course of action is simply to protect against the consequences. Liability insurance takes the sting out of the unknown, creating a safety net for those w…

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Insurance Protecting Home and Hearth
2002 Aug Protecting Home and Hearth

It's every homeowner's worst nightmare: you come home from work to find your apartment flooded, or your building smoldering from a kitchen fire that got out of control. After the initial trauma, there could be worse shocks in store if y…

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Organizations FRIENDS Indeed
2002 Aug FRIENDS Indeed

You might wonder what three Modernist buildings on the Upper East Side have to do with an organization that has historically been dedicated to preserving things, well, historical. But recently, preservation group Friends of the Upper Ea…

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Buildings East Side Luxury on the West Side
2002 Aug East Side Luxury on the West Side

A region composed of squatters' shacks, leveled forests, and graveyards might seem an unlikely birthplace for the Dakota, one of the Upper West Side's most luxurious addresses, but to a maverick businessman like Edward S. Clark, the hea…

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Board Operations Making Your Building Secure
2002 Aug Making Your Building Secure

In the post 9/11 world, building owners and managers have to feel a little bit like "Big Brother" the tyrannical, all-seeing, all-knowing holographic presence that George Orwell chillingly wrote about in his classic sci-fi novel 1984. …

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