2001 Sep
Focus on... Energy Consevation

Energy Conservation The Energy Star Program
2001 Sep The Energy Star Program

Government spending may get a bad rap, but there is one federal program that saved consumers $4 billion last year and benefited the environment as well. It’s called Energy Star, and it’s a voluntary labeling effort that identifies both prod…

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Energy Conservation Energy-Efficient, Environment-Friendly
2001 Sep Energy-Efficient, Environment-Friendly

It’s difficult to imagine life without the appliances and technological perks to which we’ve become accustomed. But the scores of appliances found in a typical home create a huge demand for energy and costs for both the consumer and the env…

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Energy Conservation Window Repair and Replacement
2001 Sep Window Repair and Replacement

In the depths of a New York winter, few things are as uncomfortable and uneconomical as drafty, rattling windows. Icy wind howling around your building is one thing–you can always appreciate the austere beauty of the drifting snow from a co…

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Energy Conservation The Dump is Dead--Now What?
2001 Sep The Dump is Dead--Now What?

On March 22, 2001, after 53 years of accepting New York City’s trash, Staten Island’s Fresh Kills Landfill received its final shipment. Fresh Kills was originally intended to serve as a temporary storage site, but over 400,000 garbage barge…

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Interior Preparing for the Big Chill
2001 Sep Preparing for the Big Chill

In the midst of all the sunshine and warm temperatures of late summer, it seems cruel to have to acknowledge the coming of winter. In a city where our warm days are limited to a precious few months of the year, it’s tempting to ignore winte…

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Interior Pushing the Right Button
2001 Sep Pushing the Right Button

In New York City, elevators are to vertical transportation what taxis and the subways are to horizontal transportation: ubiquitous and necessary, but not always safe. While newspapers eagerly report on subways that derail or on the latest t…

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Design Bringing Calm to Chaos
2001 Sep Bringing Calm to Chaos

The time has come to ask yourself some tough questions: Do I find myself constantly sneaking my clothing into my partner’s closet? Am I running out of drawer space because my bureau is overflowing with items I can’t fit into my tiny closet?…

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Neighborhoods Something for Everyone
2001 Sep Something for Everyone

Home to residents from more than 70 countries speaking more than 40 languages, Jackson Heights, Queens stands as a truly international community. And it is a community in every sense of the word; It’s not unusual to see a Peruvian shop owne…

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Organizations Fighting the Good Fight
2001 Sep Fighting the Good Fight

If New York City co-op and condo owners have a superhero, the Council of New York Cooperatives and Condominiums (CNYC) is the one wearing the big, red cape. Founded in 1975, the non-profit organization serves as a purveyor and distributor o…

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