2000 Apr
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Buying & Selling James Ferrari, Model Broker
2000 Apr James Ferrari, Model Broker

The offices of Benjamin James Associates, a 60-broker real estate firm in downtown Manhattan, look nothing like the typical brokerage firms dotting the city. No signs outside the old Broadway office building near Union Square announce the p…

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Interior Can I Knock Down This Wall?
2000 Apr Can I Knock Down This Wall?

Imagine living in a building where your neighbors do whatever renovation work they want with no restrictions. Some believe they are do-it-yourself electricians and they move wiring within the apartment. Others put kitchens in the basement. …

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Interior From Heat to AC
2000 Apr From Heat to AC

The Off-Season: Keeping Your Boiler Efficient Through the Spring, Summer and Fall Now that winter is drawing to a close, residential and commercial buildings will soon be switching their heating systems off and their air conditio…

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Management Leaders in Management
2000 Apr Leaders in Management

In many co-ops and condos it is the managing agent's responsibility to work with the board, superintendent and maintenance staff, vendors and other building professionals to create a safe and satisfying living environment for shareholders. …

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Exterior What's Happening on the Outside
2000 Apr What's Happening on the Outside

In the past few years, new products have become available that offer many advantages to co-ops and condos. Here are just a few of the products that we have found most beneficial from the standpoint of economy and reliability. Infrared M…

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Exterior Ornamental Maintenance
2000 Apr Ornamental Maintenance

Recently many northern tier cities have enacted building façade inspection laws to ensure public safety. One of the primary reasons for these laws has been aging and deterioration of the ornamental on older buildings, which is made from arc…

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Interior Spring Cleaning
2000 Apr Spring Cleaning

Spring: Glimpses of forsythia overhanging the walls of the Central Park transverses, dogwoods and magnolias blossoming in the Strawberry Fields and crocuses sprouting from sidewalk planters. For many, spring is a rebirth, a reaffirmation of…

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Communications Surviving Y2K
2000 Apr Surviving Y2K

As the clock ticked down on December 31, 1999, the world could not help but watch with at least a little trepidation. But when the ball dropped in Times Square and the new year officially arrived, nothing happened except a huge celebration.…

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