From Heat to AC Prepare for the Change of Seasons

The Off-Season:

Keeping Your Boiler Efficient Through the Spring, Summer and Fall

Now that winter is drawing to a close, residential and commercial buildings will soon be switching their heating systems off and their air conditioning systems on. This is the ideal time of year to begin preparing your boiler for the next heating season. There are a number of simple, relatively inexpensive, but necessary, steps to prepare your boiler to operate properly during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Recent inflated oil prices have alerted many buildings to the basic fact that an inefficient boiler will cost a building unnecessary wasted dollars that could be saved with proper maintenance. Such preparation assures the building that the boiler will continue to operate at peak efficiency, translating into meaningful dollar savings.

The first step, and one of the most important, is a major cleaning performed by a reliable company with skilled personnel and proper equipment. One prerequisite for a boiler to efficiently attain proper heat transfer is freeing the fire tubes of soot and scale (which act as an insulator within the tubes). Soot build-up inside the boiler may lead to maintenance problems attributed, in part, to the high sulfur content contained in soot, which creates sulfuric acid and ultimately corrodes the boiler tubes.

Tests that have been conducted by municipalities, heating plant engineers and boiler manufacturers have proven that even a small amount of soot (1/8" to 1/4") will drain boiler efficiency by as much as 30 percent depending on the system. This amount of wasted fuel means wasted dollars to any multi-family building.


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  • such a mystery. small wall unit perfect. then tenant whom i have been having difficulties with says wall unit burnt out that water got into it. it was perfect. we had electrical problems that were fixed. he wants to leave. unit one year old, back of it shows burn mark. i think he did something to it. any thoughts. thanks.