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Security Gearing Up
2005 Dec Gearing Up

Twenty years ago, Lisa Collier Cool was sleeping in her 14th floor apartment on West 72nd Street in Manhattan when her dog began barking. Not wanting to get up, Lisa tried to go back to sleep, but the dog was adamant and continued. Lis…

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Security Ready for Anything
2005 Dec Ready for Anything

Time was when New Yorkers rarely thought twice about disasters except when they watched movies such as “Airport,” “Earthquake,” “War of the Worlds” and “King Kong.” Then came 9/11, and people suddenly had to take the threat of …

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Security Surveillance Equipment in Your Building
2005 Jun Surveillance Equipment in Your Building

For decades, the most desirable residential buildings were those with visible security systems, liveried door staffs, concierges, elevator operators, keyless locks, state-of-the-art intercom systems and video cameras. Over the course of the…

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Security On Guard!
2004 Dec On Guard!

First and foremost, a superintendent's role is definitely one of leadership. Keep in mind that the building staff are not security guards. However, steps can be taken to better guard each building. Please note that these steps should be al…

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Security Protect and Prepare
2004 Dec Protect and Prepare

Few things are more precious to people than feeling safe and secure in their homes. We all want to feel protected from crime and prepared for any emergency that might arise, and in urban co-op and condo communities, the issue of security a…

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Security Caution: HAZMAT
2004 Dec Caution: HAZMAT

When we hear the term "Hazmat" - shorthand for "hazardous materials" it usually conjures images of guys in silver moon-suits and respirators, arriving on the scene of a tanker truck collision or industrial emergency involving dangerous w…

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Security Putting Out the Fire
2004 Dec Putting Out the Fire

All it takes is a single spark. Fires can destroy property and destroy lives in a matter of minutes. In 2003, the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) fought more than 27,000 structural fires and the New York City Red Cross responded to an…

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Security Taking a Closer Look
2004 Dec Taking a Closer Look

Security has always been a concern in New York City’s co-op and condo buildings. Whether you’re a manager, board member/shareholder, or unit owner in an urban co-op or condo, your building isn’t just your home; it’s a community, and a safe …

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Security Live By the Code
2004 Dec Live By the Code

New York City's building code is a complex set of documents, regulations, amendments, "letters," and local laws regulating every aspect of building construction and maintenance from window specifications, boiler maintenance, elevators, ex…

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Security 100 Years Underground
2004 Dec 100 Years Underground

This year, New York City celebrated the centennial of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)'s public transit system. From its humble beginnings as a fleet of horse-drawn stagecoaches to its current incarnation as the largest pub…

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