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Law & Legislation Local Law 11
1999 Mar Local Law 11

You can't walk down a Manhattan street these days without passing under one or more sidewalk sheds erected to protect pedestrian and vehicular traffic from pieces of building exterior that might fall. Local Law 10 of 1980 and the recently-e…

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Law & Legislation Cover Story: Legislative Agenda '99
1999 Mar Cover Story: Legislative Agenda '99

If you think you can't make a difference, think again. One very important benefit of membership in local and national organizations for co-op and condo residents is that they get your voices heard by city, state and federal law makers. The …

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Law & Legislation Board Denials on the Rise
1997 Oct Board Denials on the Rise

As the resale value and demand for cooperative apartments increase and the supply of available units decreases, purchasers are facing denials for admission to co-op buildings in record number. There was a time when many co-op boards concl…

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Law & Legislation Voting by Proxy
1997 Jul/Aug Voting by Proxy

When it comes to decision-making in your building, attending meetings in person is always best. But should the need arise, shareholders and unit owners are permitted to vote in board elections and other matters of corporate governance by pr…

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Law & Legislation Passing on Co-ops
1997 Jun Passing on Co-ops

Maintaining authority over sales by estates has become a difficult challenge for co-op boards of directors. It is essential for co-ops to be reasonably assured that future maintenance payments will be made and that they will be able to c…

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Law & Legislation The Subtle Art of Mediation
1996 May The Subtle Art of Mediation

Several years ago, before relocating to Westchester County, I served as board president at my 112-unit co-op building in Manhattan. Like most co-ops, we had a history of occasional disputes between tenants and among board members. But, by u…

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Law & Legislation Tenancy by the Entirety
1996 Feb Tenancy by the Entirety

Most co-op owners have never given much thought to the manner in which they took title of their apartments. But by overlooking this important aspect of such a significant purchase, some shareholders may have put themselves at considerable f…

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Law & Legislation Charging Legal Sublet Fees
1996 Dec/Jan Charging Legal Sublet Fees

In a recent decision, New York's second highest court ruled that the Hotel Des Artistes coop-erative did not have the authority to impose a 30 percent sublet fee on its shareholders. In Zimiles v. Hotel des Artistes, Inc., the judge requi…

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