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Law & Legislation Overseer or Overlord?
2002 Oct Overseer or Overlord?

In a case that may well have far-reaching implications both in New York City and beyond, the state Appellate Court, 2nd Department, is currently crafting a judgment that may give the state Attorney General increased oversight in how co-…

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Law & Legislation Without Rhyme or Reason
2002 Oct Without Rhyme or Reason

The age-old battle between applicants and co-op and condominium boards can sometimes seem like a cunning chess match in which the prospective buyers are pawns awaiting to be knighted with the stamp of approval before they are allowed to…

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Law & Legislation How Legal is That Doggy in the Window
2002 Sep How Legal is That Doggy in the Window

Ever wonder how that frisky pug got the penthouse window seat in a "pet-free" building? Or how that tabby from 4C manages to saunter down the hall like he owns the place? Thanks to New York City's "pet law," many co-op and condo owners h…

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Law & Legislation The Jennifer Realty Case
2002 Jul The Jennifer Realty Case

On June 11, 2002, in one of the most significant court decisions affecting co-op and condo owners in recent years, the New York State Court of Appeals issued a ruling in the well-publicized case of 511 West 232 Street Owners Corp. v. Je…

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Law & Legislation Lead Paint, Taxes, Sidewalk Liability
2002 Jun Lead Paint, Taxes, Sidewalk Liability

Although most political watchdogs and legal experts cite the city and state budget woes as a reason for the slow legislative year, a number of important initiatives of interest to co-ops and condos are currently under review. New Yo…

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Law & Legislation Stand Up and Speak
2002 Jun Stand Up and Speak

Since the attacks and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Centers in Lower Manhattan last fall, area residents, business owners, real estate professionals, developers, and concerned citizens' groups have been doing their best to navig…

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Law & Legislation Broker Uses Inside Info to Defraud Clients
2002 Mar Broker Uses Inside Info to Defraud Clients

In the course of representing and negotiating for the interests of their clients, real estate brokers are often privy to sensitive or confidential information. Whether buying or selling, residential or commercial, super-luxe or no-frills sp…

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Law & Legislation Brace Yourselves
2002 Feb Brace Yourselves

In April 2001, the Committee of Condominiums and Cooperatives of the Real Property Section of the New York State Bar Association, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, and the New York County Lawyers Association approved a new…

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