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Exterior Good Oversight Means Better Results
2008 March Good Oversight Means Better Results

Being a co-op or condo owner often means multi-tasking—especially if you happen to serve on your building's board. To keep your home in good repair and to comply with Local Law 11 and other city building codes governing façade repai…

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Exterior Urban Landscaping Tips from the Pros
2008 March Urban Landscaping Tips from the Pros

You've got to hand it to city plants. They squeeze themselves into the tightest of spaces, and each day they battle pollution and smog, get stepped on (or worse, thanks to the city's dog owners) more times than they'd like to count.…

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Exterior From Start to Finish
2008 Feb From Start to Finish

Whether you are looking out over New York City from New Jersey or looking out from New York City towards New Jersey or Long Island, the skyline is lined with high-rise cooperatives and condominiums—the majority of which are now close to …

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Exterior Preserving the New York City Skyline
2007 Mar Preserving the New York City Skyline

New York City's skyline is like none other and has a blend of classic and modern architecture that defines itself as one of the world's greatest cities. Beset by the vagaries of weather and age, though, even the finest brick, limestone…

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Exterior Keeping Your Curb Appeal
2007 Mar Keeping Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal plays a large role in determining a property's value and it is the first thing anyone notices about your co-op or condo building. But beyond aesthetics, proper maintenance is necessary to protect residences, grounds and common a…

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Exterior Your Roof-Lounge or My Library?
2007 Mar Your Roof-Lounge or My Library?

If you flip through the advertisements for new condo buildings in the real estate section of New York magazine or Time Out NY, you've probably noticed that more and more developers are including well-appointed libraries, residents-only soci…

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Exterior Surface 101
2007 Mar Surface 101

The facades of New York City's residential buildings are part of what gives the city its character. From historic brownstones to modern high-rises with glass-curtain walls, New York City's buildings are recognizable to people around the wor…

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Exterior Swinging Off of Skyscrapers
2007 Mar Swinging Off of Skyscrapers

 Every time a co-op or condo building needs exterior  work - an occurrence more regular now than a quarter century  ago - a group of highly-trained, highly-specialized, and extremely  brave professionals arrive to carry out the project.…

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Exterior Good Light and No Sounds
2007 Mar Good Light and No Sounds

Few things matter more to a co-op or condo owner than living in a place with good light and a good view. That's why windows serve as one of the biggest selling points and most important physical aspects of a building. The right windows c…

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Exterior Getting Serious About Curb Appeal
2006 May Getting Serious About Curb Appeal

Many boards and managers make extravagant efforts to spruce-up the frontages of their buildings with costly landscaping, graffiti removal, and entrance renovations — but it’s an uphill battle. As many a harried manager or put-out share…

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