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Exterior The Long Arm of Local Law 11
2002 Apr The Long Arm of Local Law 11

We all know what happens to our bodies as they age: things shift, material consistencies change, and gravity begins to assert itself. The same is true of the buildings we live in. As time marches on, brick and mortar deteriorate under envir…

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Exterior City Landscapes
2000 May City Landscapes

It’s Spring, as the saying goes, and a young man’s fancy turns to love. Your co-op board, while they may be romantics at heart, smell Spring and their minds go to landscape maintenance. The landscaping of a property is the first thing visit…

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Exterior Ornamental Maintenance
2000 Apr Ornamental Maintenance

Recently many northern tier cities have enacted building façade inspection laws to ensure public safety. One of the primary reasons for these laws has been aging and deterioration of the ornamental on older buildings, which is made from arc…

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Exterior What's Happening on the Outside
2000 Apr What's Happening on the Outside

In the past few years, new products have become available that offer many advantages to co-ops and condos. Here are just a few of the products that we have found most beneficial from the standpoint of economy and reliability. Infrared M…

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Exterior Don't Get Soaked!
1999 Jun Don't Get Soaked!

They say that April showers bring May flowers. For the New York area's aging brick buildings, spring sprinkles and summer storms can bring much worse. From interior leaks to the liability nightmare of a crumbling and falling facade, the eff…

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