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Real Estate Trends Prepping for the Holidays in a Pandemic
2020 December Prepping for the Holidays in a Pandemic

The holidays: a time for upholding long-standing traditions, usually involving festive gatherings of family and friends, communal meals, sacred services, gift exchanges, visitors, and, invariably, crowds—until this year, that is.  The coro…

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COVID-19 Cultivating Community During COVID
Cultivating Community During COVID

The challenge of creating a sense of community during a pandemic is not something most people expected to face in their lifetime...but here we are. And while face-to-face communication is an essential part of daily life for most of us, we’v…

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Management Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus
2020 May Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus

Whether you’re living in a co-op apartment building in Manhattan, a condo on Chicago’s Gold Coast, or a townhouse community or HOA in Las Vegas, Reno, or Florida, issues of legality and liability are always a concern for owners, board membe…

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Board Operations We’re All in This Together
2020 May We’re All in This Together

Seward Park Cooperative on the Lower East Side of Manhattan (where this author has lived for the last 15 years, and has served on its board of directors for the last six) is a remarkably diverse community of 5,000 or so New Yorkers that pri…

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On The Board We  Are Stronger Together
We Are Stronger Together

We're moved by how multifamily communities are coming together to help one another - and we want to share those stories with our readers!  We could all use some positivity right now - so send us your stories and photos of community spirit,…

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Management Managing Through the Coronavirus Crisis
2020 April Managing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic. Here in the US, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has detailed recommendations for individual preparation and response to the ou…

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