2015 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Security Technology
2015 December Security Technology

The most important aspect of managing a building is keeping it, its residents, and their property safe. In days past, 'safety technology' consisted mostly of well-lit exits, the installation of panic bars and glow-in-the-dark stripping on e…

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Security Who Goes There?
2015 December Who Goes There?

One of the benefits of transitioning from renter to homeowner is the knowledge that your space is sacred and belongs only to you. But, when it comes to association living, sometimes unit owners have to give building staff or managers access…

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Security Condo Inspections
2015 December Condo Inspections

Condominium associations, whether housed in a single building or in a sprawling development, provide a reliably cozy and comfortable community in which to live. But this comfort requires vigilance on the part of both board and management to…

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Security Building Safety for Everyone
2015 December Building Safety for Everyone

New York is home to almost 1 million people age 65 or older; approximately one in three seniors suffer some type of disability, according to the last census. In a city like New York, where anything can happen—from fire, to extreme weather, …

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Law & Legislation Denying Access
2015 December Denying Access

The synopsis for the 2013 horror film The Purge is pretty extreme: in the future, society implements a 12-hour period called “the purge,” wherein any and all crime is legalized. Always wanted to vandalize your boss’s car? Thinking about sho…

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Management Managing Tough Situations
2015 December Managing Tough Situations

Co-ops and condos are called communities for a reason—families and individuals live side by side with one another, sometimes for years or even decades. Although residents may not exchange much more than a “hello” or “nice day” with their ne…

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Management Predators vs. Privacy
2015 December Predators vs. Privacy

While the invasive board approval process in many co-ops would likely make it very difficult for a prospective buyer with a criminal background to purchase an apartment in a given building, that doesn't mean that residents who've done bad t…

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Board Operations Community Involvement
2015 December Community Involvement

According to the June 2014 US census, New York City—the largest, most populous city in the United States—is home to roughly 8.5 million people, and a record-breaking 56 million folks stopped in just to visit last year alone. The Big Apple i…

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Maintenance Removing Snow & Ice
2015 December Removing Snow & Ice

The contractors who helped dig out the region’s condo properties last winter agree on one thing—the associations that were ‘rescued’ first were the ones that had solid relationships with their snow and ice removal contractors.  They also p…

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Real Estate Trends A Guide to Holiday Tipping Etiquette
2015 December A Guide to Holiday Tipping Etiquette

Whether you live in a suburb or in the heart of the city, life is expensive. Sometimes it can feel as though everybody from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to the kid who bags your groceries is trying to nickel-and-dime you half to…

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Board Operations Dysfunctional Boards
2015 December Dysfunctional Boards

Whether it's a co-op, a condominium, or other multi-family dwelling, a well-run board usually makes all the difference between a pleasant stress-free home and a building in disarray. Boards serve to preserve the common elements, maintain ar…

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Q&A Q&A: Are my board's nomination/voting practices legal?
2015 December Q&A: Are my board's nomination/voting practices legal?

Q. At our annual meeting, four of five board officers' terms were expiring. Nominations for reelection of these same four officers came from presiding officers. I researched Robert’s Rules, as well as our bylaws, and I did not see anythin…

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Q&A Q&A: How to handle handicapped/reserved parking?
2015 December Q&A: How to handle handicapped/reserved parking?

Q. My question refers to how many handicapped parking spaces must reserved in a particular co-op or a condo. Is there any legal requirement to set aside a certain number of spaces? Must a multiple dwelling with parking spaces used exclusi…

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Maintenance Plumbing Practices
2015 December Plumbing Practices

Most of us don't think much about the pipes that deliver water to our homes (and carry waste far away from them), but your building's plumbing health is a crucial part of basic maintenance. 

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