2013 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project
2013 January The Ultimate Do It Yourself Project

Convenience and saving money are just a couple reasons why a co-op board or homeowners association would choose to self-manage a property. Though, outside managing firms and property managers are hired and employed for good reason. The…

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Management Limits of Board Power
2013 January Limits of Board Power

 Everybody sometimes disagrees with the decisions of their co-op, condo or  homeowners association board. Maybe the choice to rearrange the garbage  receptacles out front seems ridiculous, or the ongoing clattering of machinery  on the roo…

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Management A Management Checklist
2013 January A Management Checklist

How can you tell whether the on-site property manager at a cooperative, condominium or homeowners association community is doing a good job? And what is a 'good job' anyway? Whether a manager is well-liked and whether he or she manages…

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Management A Tale of Two Buildings
2013 January A Tale of Two Buildings

 Physically, there’s really no difference between co-ops and condos. The savviest property manager  in the five boroughs could not walk into a lobby and say for certain if it’s one or the other. When co-ops are converted to condos, or vice…

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Law & Legislation Passing it On
2013 January Passing it On

 When co-op and condo owners plan their will, or a prenuptial agreement, their  condo or co-op unit naturally comes into play as an important asset. Often, it’s no problem—the owner leaves the apartment to his or her spouse. It’s especiall…

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Maintenance Let Me In?
2013 January Let Me In?

 Everyone wants to feel secure and have peace of mind when they lock their doors  each night, but in a multifamily condo or co-op in New York City, you can’t always control who enters your building. Management may have service people  come…

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Real Estate Trends May I Help You
2013 January May I Help You

 For most of us, there simply are not enough hours in the day to do everything  that needs to be done. We rush to pick the kids up from school, make it to that  impromptu work meeting that just got called, or even find the time to grab som…

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Law & Legislation Tips for Keeping Legal Costs Low
2013 January Tips for Keeping Legal Costs Low

 In today’s economy, co-ops and condos are looking for ways to cut costs wherever they  can, and many are turning to examining their legal bills. The problem is  two-fold: first off, you don’t want to compromise your relationship with your…

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Get Ready for the 2013 Co-op & Condo Expo
2013 January Get Ready for the 2013 Co-op & Condo Expo

 As we emerge from our long, late-winter slumber and get ready for springtime, it  helps to remember all the things we can look forward to as the snow melts and  the days get longer: spring flowers, colorful buds on trees, dog parks full o…

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Organizations A Look at the Westchester CCAC
2013 January A Look at the Westchester CCAC

 Westchester County was not always the affluent suburban landscape it is today.  The county evolved from its Native American roots into small population centers  and farms of the 17th and 18th centuries, growing into large urban centers, a…

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Neighborhoods New York's Upper East Side
2013 January New York's Upper East Side

 When the well-heeled downtown set lost their power due to the effects of  Hurricane Sandy, they didn’t load up on candles, batteries and canned goods; instead, they ditched their  West Village brownstones and Soho lofts and headed to the …

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Q&A Q&A: No Elections, No Access, No Rules
2013 January Q&A: No Elections, No Access, No Rules

b>Q We have a serious problem in our HDFC co-op, a limited equity cooperative.  Number one, there have been no annual meetings for years. There have been no  elections and the same people are entrenched on the board of directors.  Thirdly, …

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