2012 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Cash-Strapped?
2012 July Cash-Strapped?

Money is a topic some people are skittish about discussing. When you’re a board member or the managing agent of a residential co-op or condo building however, there’s no benefit to skirting financial realities just because they may be di…

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Finance Understanding Your Finances
2012 July Understanding Your Finances

 For a crystal-clear picture of how a co-op board or condo association is doing,  there are few better lenses than the community's budgets and financial reports.  From an investment perspective, they show the association board, property  m…

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Management Dealing with Commercial Tenants
2012 July Dealing with Commercial Tenants

 In the typical suburban condo development, one must go to another location to  shop— maybe to the mini-mall, or the big box store down the road. But in New York  City co-ops and condos, stores are often found on the ground floor—supermark…

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Real Estate Trends Amazing Amenities
2012 July Amazing Amenities

 New York City is known for having some of the very best urban opportunities in  the world—among the best colleges and schools, museums and libraries, as well as some of  the finest parks, the most interesting architecture, the most intrig…

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Real Estate Trends Mortgage Refinancing
2012 July Mortgage Refinancing

 With interest rates at historic lows, never rising too far above 4% these days,  boards are looking at refinancing their co-op's underlying mortgage to build up  their reserves as a viable alternative to raising maintenance fees or levyin…

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Maintenance Caulk it Up!
2012 July Caulk it Up!

 Next to fire, perhaps nothing is more damaging to residential buildings and  their occupants' property then leaks. Whether it’s a torrential deluge from the upstairs neighbor’s overflowing bathtub or a slow, seeping leak around the window…

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Finance Mayor's 2013 Budget Plan Unveiled
2012 July Mayor's 2013 Budget Plan Unveiled

 Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg recently released the New York City Executive Budget  for the 2013 fiscal year. While the mayor lauded the $68.7 billion plan as a “balanced budget with no tax increases,” the City Council believes the prelimina…

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Neighborhoods Valley Stream, New York
2012 July Valley Stream, New York

 Valley Stream is known for being a big village with a small town feel. With a population of nearly 38,000, Valley Stream is one of the largest villages  in the state of New York. The incorporated village is located inside the  southwest p…

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Law & Legislation Co-op Board Members Not Held Liable
2012 July Co-op Board Members Not Held Liable

Individual cooperative board members scored a major victory recently in the case of Weinreb v. 37 Apartments Corp., et al, an appellate court decision that relieved them of certain responsibilities when it comes to shareholders' propos…

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Law & Legislation Structural Vs. Non-Structural Repairs
2012 July Structural Vs. Non-Structural Repairs

 A leaking pool, a wall in need of repair, a faulty exhaust system, chimney and  furnace repairs… Who’s responsible for fixing them? Generally, most leases provide that “structural” repairs are the landlord’s responsibility and that “nonst…

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Q&A Q&A: Transfer of Shares
2012 July Q&A: Transfer of Shares

Q My wife and I own the shares for our co-op apartment jointly. We wish to establish a revocable living trust for our assets and the apartment. Our co-op board is unwilling to make the transfer to the trust. How can we convince the boar…

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