2011 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security True Crime
2011 December True Crime

 A few years ago, when I lived in the East Village—in a one-bedroom, fifth-floor walk-up—I had a creepy experience when the cable guy came to hook up our service. He arrived in a beat-up windowless van that looked like it had been boosted …

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Security Staying Secure
2011 December Staying Secure

 Recent nationwide crime statistics show that New York City and its outlying  suburbs has become one of the safest cities of its size in the past 15 years.  Nevertheless, in a sprawling metropolitan area encompassing New York and New  Jers…

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Security Information is Everything
2011 December Information is Everything

 Your co-op or condo unit houses more than your material possessions. The  management office also typically contains detailed information about you—including your social security number, credit card number, emergency  information, phone nu…

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Security Your Security Web
2011 December Your Security Web

 The days when an apartment building's 'security system' consisted of a tricky  front door lock and the landlord's ill-tempered dog are long past. Today,  security measures range from old-style deadbolts to high-tech biometric  screening e…

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Security Conducting Employee Background Checks
2011 December Conducting Employee Background Checks

Typically the sources of terror in horror movies come from ghouls and zombies. Victims in these films find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse or haunted mansion with no chance of escape or survival. These films leave the audi…

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Security Brighter Days Ahead in 2012?
2011 December Brighter Days Ahead in 2012?

While the economy sputters along and unemployment rates remain steady at more than nine percent, there doesn't seem to be much call for celebration—but all is not gloom and doom. The real estate market has been one of the most notable c…

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Security Telecom Options for Co-ops and Condos
2011 December Telecom Options for Co-ops and Condos

 It’s been a long time since cable modems were the gold standard in Internet  connectivity—or at least it seems like it’s been a long time. Telecommunications as a field has been developing at a  dizzying pace, and multifamily buildings—bo…

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Finance Year End Housekeeping
2011 December Year End Housekeeping

 Organizing and keeping a co-op or condo’s books and other records is, on the surface, not that different than keeping a  budget for one’s home.    But there are many important differences—filing deadlines, tax requirements, reports…

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Board Operations Holiday Wishes
2011 December Holiday Wishes

 The last few years have been stressful and uncertain for many in the real estate  game—developers have had to adjust projections and expectations for certain projects.  Likewise, sellers and brokers have had to acclimate to a market that,…

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Maintenance Minor Problems —Major Headaches
2011 December Minor Problems —Major Headaches

 In today’s turbulent economic times as so many of us try to regain our financial footing,  the question of how to balance the bottom line and still take care of all that  needs to be done in a co-op and condo building remains a difficult …

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Organizations The National Fire Protection Association
2011 December The National Fire Protection Association

 Fire in the home can be an absolutely terrifying and life-altering occurrence.  In 2010 alone, there were 1,331,500 fires reported within the United States,  causing more than 3,000 civilian deaths, 17,720 injuries, and $11.6 billion in  …

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Neighborhoods Changing SoHo
2011 December Changing SoHo

 Today’s SoHo is synonymous with world class dining, prestigious art galleries, chic  clothing stores, luxury boutique hotels, trendy lounges, picturesque cobble  stone streets and stunning cast iron architecture.    The Lower Manha…

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Security Security on the Go
2011 December Security on the Go

 Not so long ago, having a security system required drilling through the walls of  your cooperative or condominium building and involved installing many spools of  wire attached directly to a bulky keypad.    Sophisticated and Secur…

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Q&A Q&A: Imposing a Flip Tax or Transfer Fee
2011 December Q&A: Imposing a Flip Tax or Transfer Fee

Q At a general meeting of our condominium, a proposal for a flip tax/transfer fee on the sale of a unit failed to get enough votes. Subsequently, the board of managers decided to impose a transfer fee of five months maintenance charg…

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Q&A Q&A: Inequity in Building Maintenance?
2011 December Q&A: Inequity in Building Maintenance?

Q I am a shareholder in a Lower East Side tenement co-op. The building was originally 6 floors with 4 apartments on each floor. In 1985, we formed a corporation and purchased the building from the landlord who had us purchase a money m…

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