2009 June
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Law & Legislation Checking Credentials, Covering Bases
2009 June Checking Credentials, Covering Bases

Those who handle the management of any kind of residential building deal with contractors and contracts regularly—but they aren’t the only ones who should know about the process. It’s not necessarily an arcane topic—whether the project i…

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Law & Legislation Can't We All Just Get Along?
2009 June Can't We All Just Get Along?

 Sometimes our neighbors can be our best friends. They’re the people we turn to for emergency babysitting help, or for a cup of sugar,  or for that friendly chat in the elevator. Sometimes, though, the people we  live in close proximity to…

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Law & Legislation Double the Trouble
2009 June Double the Trouble

 As attorneys who represent a large number of cooperative and condominium  buildings, we’re seeing more and more often that, instead of attracting community-oriented  individuals, New York City condominium and cooperative buildings often a…

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Q&A Q&A: Subletting Sisters
2009 June Q&A: Subletting Sisters

Q  I have used my sister’s co-op apartment as my primary residence for 12 years. She holds the  proprietary lease and owns the shares but she has never lived here. Recently  the old co-op board was replaced, and the new board is tryi…

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Q&A Q&A: Charging For Common Space Storage?
2009 June Q&A: Charging For Common Space Storage?

Q I am the president of a 60-unit condominium in Brooklyn. Years ago, the board created some bicycle storage space (a room with some bicycle racks) in the basement and allocated the two spaces to owners on a first-come, first-serv…

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