2008 April
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Real Estate Trends A Look Back at an Active Year
2008 April A Look Back at an Active Year

As 2007 came to a close, it seemed that the real estate market in nearly every part of the country had cooled. But in New York City, although movement had slowed, the market did not take a downturn as many had expected. Co-ops and condos…

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Real Estate Trends Moderating Along with the Market
2008 April Moderating Along with the Market

As the housing market boomed in the early parts of the last decade, apartments in New York City seemed to be snapped up mere days (sometimes mere hours) after being put on the market. As the trend continued, thousands of people set out t…

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Real Estate Trends Defying an Uncertain Market
2008 April Defying an Uncertain Market

When one looks at the real estate market in New York City—which, excluding such homeowners’ havens as Bay Ridge, Bayside and Staten Island, usually means the apartment market—one sees a picture similar to last year. All over the country, on…

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Real Estate Trends Changing Markets, Evolving Expectations
2008 April Changing Markets, Evolving Expectations

In the 1950s, televisions were pieces of furniture the size of deep freezers. In 2008, TVs are flat and hang on a wall. The 50’s were about jukeboxes; the 80’s saw the Walkman and CD player and, today, it’s the small-but-mighty iPod. And…

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Management Challenges and Rewards
2008 April Challenges and Rewards

With new and luxurious condos going up all the time across the city, management companies are champing at the bit to become the first managing agent for these often high-profile, upscale properties. If it’s a choice between managing a ne…

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Organizations No Typical Days Work
2008 April No Typical Days Work

Ask Scott Stringer to describe a typical day in his job as Manhattan Borough President and he’ll answer that there’s no such thing—and that’s the way he likes it. “I haven’t found one yet,” he says. “Part of what we’ve tried to do s…

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Organizations Government on a Neighborly Basis
2008 April Government on a Neighborly Basis

New York City’s governing structure is complex for a metropolis of 8.2 million residents—it takes a lot of people in a lot of departments and organizations to keep the city running smoothly. Some of those people (the mayor, for instance)…

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Real Estate Trends From Amalgamated to Central Park West
2008 April From Amalgamated to Central Park West

Emma Lazarus perhaps said it best in her immortal poem in which she spoke about the wave of immigrants that were welcomed to American’s golden shores. Generation upon generation of newcomers have chosen to settle in New York City and its…

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Finance Planning for the Future
2008 April Planning for the Future

It’s difficult to plan a budget for your building—and, more importantly, to stick to it—if problems arise that your board/management team haven’t anticipated. Maintenance issues and structural crises aren’t just inconvenient surprises; i…

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Law & Legislation Greening and Improving New York City
2008 April Greening and Improving New York City

For the past year or so, PlaNYC 2030, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s sustainability initiative (“sustainability” being a new buzz word for “environmentally friendly” or “contributing to a better quality of life”) has taken center stage at …

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Exterior Tips for Seasonal Sprucing Up
2008 April Tips for Seasonal Sprucing Up

The snow is gone, the thermometer is inching higher, flowers are blooming and you’re ready for springtime. Unfortunately, your building may not be. Thanks to winter’s sand, snow, grit and lack of attention, things may be in less-than-gor…

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Security Do Not Pass Go!
2008 April Do Not Pass Go!

Inside most multi-unit residential buildings, there are many areas that should be strictly off-limits to everyone but trained building staff—and we’re not just talking about the manager’s inbox. Machine rooms, elevator shafts, compactor …

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Real Estate Trends Knowing What You're Worth
2008 April Knowing What You're Worth

For anyone getting a mortgage for a new apartment, a property appraisal is part of the cost of securing their new place. In fact, for existing apartment owners, it’s one of the most important things they can do for their property. An app…

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Organizations The Department of City Planning
2008 April The Department of City Planning

Imagine the biggest three-dimensional puzzle you can. Now imagine fitting eight million people into this puzzle. Putting the pieces together takes more than just luck. It takes enormous skill, precision and foresight. Those are three att…

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Board Operations Where Can Boards Turn?
2008 April Where Can Boards Turn?

Most board members are volunteers—some may have experience with certain aspects of running a building, but most come to the job relatively green, armed only with a sense of responsibility and a desire to serve their building community. S…

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Interior A Serious Problem for Boards and Homeowners
2008 April A Serious Problem for Boards and Homeowners

Over the past three years, bedbug infestations have increased exponentially in New York City, causing panic among homeowners, co-op/condo boards and property managers. In 2004, there were 1,800 bedbug complaints recorded by the city. By …

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