2006 Mar
Focus on... Real Estate Market/Expo

Real Estate Trends The State of the Market
2006 Mar The State of the Market

By now, the New York City real estate market has become nearly legendary. Always one of the top three costliest American cities in which to live, the Big Apple also gives Tokyo, London, and other notoriously expensive cities a run for …

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Real Estate Trends Sky High
2006 Mar Sky High

New York City — especially Manhattan — may seem to have little room left on which to build, but when it comes to finding space for new residential construction, there’s always something new around the corner. While the occasional co-op…

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Real Estate Trends New York City's Real Estate Brokers
2006 Mar New York City's Real Estate Brokers

When Harris Scher was listening to his instructors in class last year, he took a good look at the jam-packed room filled with 300 students who had the same aspirations as he had — to have a successful career as a licensed real estate s…

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Real Estate Trends EXPOnential Growth
2006 Mar EXPOnential Growth

It’s March, and along with springtime comes The Cooperator’s Annual Co-op & Condo Expo at the New York Hilton. This year marks the Expo’s19th outing and once again, the exhibition floors will be abuzz with a full day of information, sem…

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Real Estate Trends Buyer's (and Seller's) Best Friend
2006 Mar Buyer's (and Seller's) Best Friend

Ever try to sell — or buy — an apartment in Manhattan without using a real estate broker? It’s sort of like that joke about lawyers who try to defend themselves: They have a fool for a client. When dealing in the real estate jun…

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Real Estate Trends Real Estate Royalty
2006 Mar Real Estate Royalty

If Manhattan is the black-Amex-carrying Wall Streeter of the New York City real estate scene and Brooklyn is the too-hip-to-care rock star, then Queens is the hardworking third sibling, eschewing the spotlight while slowly-but-surely a…

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Neighborhoods Jackson Heights
2006 Mar Jackson Heights

Historical district. Garden sanctuary. Street food paradise. Jackson Heights Queens is all of these things. From its humble beginnings as dirt-paved farmland to its construction renaissance in the 1940s and 50’s, Jackson Heights is re-…

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Neighborhoods Long Live the Queens
2006 Mar Long Live the Queens

Of the over 2 million people who inhabit the borough of Queens, there are probably at least one or two members of actual royalty. They might be from countries few have ever heard of, or from places so remote they don’t often show…

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Interior After the Rain
2006 Mar After the Rain

Water damage and related liability has always been — and always will be — a big issue for co-op buildings and their shareholders. Few other issues are as complicated and potentially volatile as the challenge of tracing the leak, repair…

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Interior NYSERDA Provides Energy Assistance
2006 Mar NYSERDA Provides Energy Assistance

NYSERDA Provides Energy Assistance Boiler Maintenance and Repair By Erik Neumann Replacing your heating and domestic hot water plant is one of the costliest projects that your building management can undertake—which…

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Board Operations Living By the Rules
2006 Mar Living By the Rules

All communities, be they nation-states, municipalities, or co-op or condo buildings, have rules. Respect for -- and adherence to -- these rules is essential for many people to coexist peaceably in the same communal space. In the co-op …

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Q&A Q&A: Will vs. Trust
2006 Mar Q&A: Will vs. Trust

Q I have been a shareholder in my Brooklyn co-op since 1986, and am facing a problem that has come up since my husband’s death almost 18 months ago. My husband was an active participant on our board of directors—past president, vice pre…

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Q&A Q&A: Financial Fiasco
2006 Mar Q&A: Financial Fiasco

Q I moved out of my Queens co-op apartment two years ago, right before the building started having numerous financial problems including bankruptcy and sponsor embezzlement. I am trying to sell my apartment, and have finally found a ba…

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Q&A Q&A: Democracy Lost?
2006 Mar Q&A: Democracy Lost?

Q Our board selected a Nominating Committee, which chose only the current board members as candidates. Six additional residents wanted to run, but their names were left off the ballot. The committee claims it selected the best for the …

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