2005 Aug
Focus on... Insurance

Insurance Specialty Insurance
2005 Aug Specialty Insurance

When it comes to insuring a co-op or condominium community, a belt-and-suspenders philosophy could prove the safest – and perhaps, most advantageous – choice. Getting that extra coverage means going beyond the basics of property and li…

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Insurance Limiting D&O Exposure
2005 Aug Limiting D&O Exposure

It’s important for cooperative corporations to have enough insurance to cover any unexpected problems that may arise, and one of the most crucial policies in any corporation’s insurance portfolio is directors and officers insurance, mo…

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Insurance Are You Covered?
2005 Aug Are You Covered?

Every right-thinking homeowner knows that carrying the proper insurance is a vital part of owning a home. For most people, buying a home is the biggest financial investment they will ever make—especially in today’s high-priced market, an…

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Neighborhoods Back to Brooklyn
2005 Aug Back to Brooklyn

It’s an oft-repeated fact that if the borough of Brooklyn were still independent, it would be one of the biggest cities in the nation. According to the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation, in 2000, the U.S. decennial census count…

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Insurance Insurance and Mold Litigation
2005 Aug Insurance and Mold Litigation

Insurance and Mold Litigation A Toxic Pill to Swallow By Alan R. Lyons and Mary Ellen Shuttleworth While panic and alarm are not warranted, the time is now for real estate owners, developers, lenders and borrowers to…

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Insurance Good Neighbors
2005 Aug Good Neighbors

Many co-op and condo buildings rent out their ground-floor space to commercial tenants—retail shops, restaurants, grocery stores, doctor’s offices, and so forth. While the commercial/residential arrangement has many benefits on both side…

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Organizations The Borough Chiefs
2005 Aug The Borough Chiefs

The Borough Chiefs A Look at Brooklyn’s City Council Members By Raanan Geberer For most of the 19th century, Brooklyn was a city with its own mayor, police department, fire department and water system. Today, …

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Real Estate Trends Brooklyn on the Rise
2005 Aug Brooklyn on the Rise

Brooklyn on the Rise A Look at New Development By Lisa Iannucci Rachel Weingarten will be the first person to tell you that Brooklyn has soul. “There is so much to discover in Brooklyn; every day I’m learning someth…

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