2005 Apr
Focus on... Exteriors

Neighborhoods SoHo Style
2005 Apr SoHo Style

Like most of Manhattan's neighborhoods, SoHo has gone through multiple incarnations to become the part of town we know today. Long, long before Prada and Bloomingdale's staked their claim along Broadway and exclusive hotels sprang up on the…

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Exterior Facades 101
2005 Apr Facades 101

When someone describes a beautiful building in the city, in all likelihood, they are describing the building's façade—that thin, skin-like layer of brick, mortar and/or decorative stone such as limestone that covers and dresses up the ra…

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Exterior Utilitarian Structures
2005 Apr Utilitarian Structures

New York City's skyline wouldn't be the same without its rooftop water tanks. The strange-looking structures have graced the cityscape for more than a century, and today, surrounded as many of them are by towering glass skyscrapers, they se…

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Real Estate Trends Expo-Rific
2005 Apr Expo-Rific

On Wednesday, March 16th, The Cooperator hosted its 18 th Annual Co-op & Condo Expo at the New York Hilton in Midtown Manhattan. The event featured more than 200 exhibitor booths and drew over 4,000 registrants from all corners of th…

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Exterior Set in Stone
2005 Apr Set in Stone

New York City is home to some of the world's best architectureboth ultra-modern and historical. And while newer buildings show off sleek glass-and-steel facades, the hallmark of many of the city's historic buildings is their stonework. Take…

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Board Operations Before the Hammer Falls
2005 Apr Before the Hammer Falls

Though necessary, major capital improvement projects—like facade restoration, elevator refurbishment, or window replacement—can often mean big hassles for building residents, particularly if they haven't been properly prepped for the change…

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Exterior Act Like You Know
2005 Apr Act Like You Know

Major exterior repairs and construction projects are serious business, otherwise they wouldn't be called "major." Too often, though, people tend to hire experienced architects and professional contractors only when they absolutely need to,…

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Law & Legislation Reasonable Accommodations
2005 Apr Reasonable Accommodations

New York City can be tough enough to navigate as a young, able-bodied person; it's even more difficult for the elderly or physically challenged to get around and go about their day. Imagine living with a physical disability in an apartment …

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Maintenance Spring Clean-Up
2005 Apr Spring Clean-Up

After a long winter, gardeners everywhere have much work to do to clean up and prepare for the spring season. Removing winter-kill and old annuals and pruning dead branches promotes clean growing conditions and reduces the opportunity for f…

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Insurance Filling the Gaps
2005 Apr Filling the Gaps

By now, you have already heard about the "dramatic" changes in the Directors & Officers insurance marketplace. You have also most likely heard about the increasing number of lawsuits against directors and officers, and why associations …

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