2004 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Interior Ready for Anything
2004 Nov Ready for Anything

We all know it's a good idea to keep tabs on the everyday supplies needed to keep our household clean and running smoothly: simple things like light bulbs, cleaning products, and perhaps, the odd spare roll of duct tape. The same is true f…

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Interior Building Anatomy 101
2004 Nov Building Anatomy 101

In many ways, a building is like the human body: If you want it to function properly over the long haul, you have to take care of it with clean fuel, regular maintenance, and the occasional visit to a specialist. And like a body's vital or…

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Interior Super Supers
2004 Nov Super Supers

Locked out? Need your heat fixed? Perhaps your apartment has a problem with multi-legged creatures. Who are you going to call? Your building superintendent, of course. Your super is there to repair the broken, find the missing, and restore…

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Real Estate Trends Above and Beyond
2004 Nov Above and Beyond

In New York City, you can have just about anything delivered to your door at any hour of the day or night. Food, furniture, entertainment; you name it, you pay for it, and you got it. This is a city where convenience and efficiency are val…

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Neighborhoods Affordable Living in Chelsea
2004 Nov Affordable Living in Chelsea

A casual passer-by on Eighth Avenue in Chelsea could easily pass a particular cluster of high-rises on the west side of the street and think they're just a group of typical Manhattan residential buildings. But they're not. Mutual Rede…

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Design Altering Your Apartment
2004 Nov Altering Your Apartment

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone completed renovations on time? Reducing the time the construction process takes in a cooperative or condominium building benefits everyone. The renovators are able to occupy their apartments sooner, whi…

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Maintenance Proper Cosmetic Improvements
2004 Nov Proper Cosmetic Improvements

One of the most effective means of enhancing the value of an apartment or house is through "cosmetic" renovations. These types of improvements are, ostensibly, surface upgrades that address the appearance of a property, rather than such s…

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Interior Breathing Well, Living Well
2004 Nov Breathing Well, Living Well

Given the number of breaths we all take on any given day, it's surprising that more attention isn't given to air quality. The subject usually only comes up when there's a problem - after people start sneezing or feeling ill. As with any po…

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Interior A Messy Situation
2004 Nov A Messy Situation

Garbage is a problem that every city has to deal with. In New York City alone, it's estimated that every person generates 2.5 pounds of garbage a day. Given a population of roughly 8 million, that garbage piles up into unsightly heaps very…

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