2004 Aug
Focus on... Isurance

Insurance Creating Your Insurance Profile
2004 Aug Creating Your Insurance Profile

A lot of factors go into determining the extent and cost of a building's insurance coverage: replacement cost, location, number of units, and claims history top of the list, but on closer inspection, there are plenty of ways to better posi…

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Insurance Co-op Insurance 101
2004 Aug Co-op Insurance 101

General Liability Coverage for an insured's negligent acts or omissions that cause personal or bodily injury to another person or damage to another's property. As loss ratios climb and new legislation like sidewalk liability and lead p…

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Insurance Caution--Wet Floor
2004 Aug Caution--Wet Floor

For building boards, management companies, shareholders, and unit owners, the issue of insurance often becomes complicated: how much insurance - and of what kind - does one's building, or even a shareholder/tenant, need? Is there such a th…

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Insurance The Earliest Apartments
2004 Aug The Earliest Apartments

The earliest apartments in New York City contained most of the elements of a private house, though often assembled in a manner far from functional. Service spaces in particular were seldom arranged or designed to save the time and energy o…

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Insurance Central Park Best
2004 Aug Central Park Best

Their towers and turrets loom over the treetops on Central Park's west side, casting long shadows over joggers, sunbathers, and dog walkers in the park below. They're some of the most impressive, most historically significant apartment buil…

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Insurance Risk Purchasing Groups
2004 Aug Risk Purchasing Groups

There is power in numbers, as the old saying goes - and that goes double for co-ops and condo buildings that are pooling their collective resources to reduce insurance costs under an umbrella known as a Risk Purchasing Group. The idea…

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Interior X-Ray Vision
2004 Aug X-Ray Vision

Time was, if a residential building was suffering heat loss, leaks, or other infrastructure problems, it was up to a team of engineers, contractors, and perhaps architects to investigate where the problem lay within the building's walls an…

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Insurance Directors & Officers Liability
2004 Aug Directors & Officers Liability

Do you sit on the board of your condo or co-op? If you do, are you sure that you and your personal assets are adequately protected when the board of directors and the association are sued? Most of us want to do the right thing, and ma…

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Law & Legislation Holding the Purse Strings
2004 Aug Holding the Purse Strings

You may not realize it, but your building may be hemorrhaging money. Not in the form of disastrous lawsuits or maintenance crises like a collapsed roof or exploded boiler, but in a steady trickle coming from your method of ordering supplie…

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Real Estate Trends Man's Best Friend
2004 Aug Man's Best Friend

Whether dog people or cat people, New Yorkers love their pets - nearly a quarter of the city's inhabitants own companion animals. According to the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH), the government organization r…

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