2003 Feb
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Relations Keeping an Eye Out
2003 Feb Keeping an Eye Out

New Yorkers have always been vigilant in keeping themselves and their apartments as secure as possible. The doorman, security guard, building superintendent or concierge is traditionally the first line of defense in controlling the cadre o…

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Real Estate Trends Let's Go Expo
2003 Feb Let's Go Expo

Once again, the time is drawing near to mark your calendars and program your Palm Pilots to remind you of The Cooperator's annual Co-op and Condo Expo, which is descending on Midtown's New York Hilton, 53rd Street and Avenue of the America…

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Management Relations From the Co-op to the Classroom
2003 Feb From the Co-op to the Classroom

With today's ever-changing building codes, laws and technology, a managing agent's job is becoming more complex than it was several decades ago. Today's agent has a multitude of responsibilities, including supervision of all aspects of the…

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Management Relations The Co-op Manager Shortage
2003 Feb The Co-op Manager Shortage

The horror stories abound: Ivy Leaguers flipping fries. Dot-com darlings begging for work. A six percent unemployment rate. It's no secret that the New York job market is in the intensive care unit right now. So then how is it possible that…

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Management Relations Playing Nice
2003 Feb Playing Nice

Some relationships seem destined for rocky paths. Brothers and sisters. Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. Sponsors and boards. Although certainly not all board and sponsor relationships travel the bumpy road, many do. Understanding the …

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Law & Legislation Broker Suggests Change in Tax Code
2003 Feb Broker Suggests Change in Tax Code

U.S. Congressman Tom Reynolds (D-NY) has introduced legislation to remove an inequity in the tax code that penalized seniors and middle income homeowners from taking a deduction on their tax returns for any mortgage interest they had accum…

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Neighborhoods Westchester County
2003 Feb Westchester County

With all the diversions and distractions on parade past our front stoops 24/7, it's easy for Manhattanites to forget that the New York City metro extends beyond the rivers that ring our little island. Vibrant communities large and small sp…

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Management What's In a Name?
2003 Feb What's In a Name?

Lots of co-op and condo buildings in the city play host to one or more permanent guests on their ground floors; sometimes it's a mom-and-pop hardware store, or maybe a row of sleek, upscale boutique clothing stores. Humble or haute, commer…

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Board Operations Thanks for the Memories
2003 Feb Thanks for the Memories

As the years pass in any enduring community - like a co-op or condo building - there's a lot to remember sometimes it gets hard to keep track of all the decisions made, contracts signed, bills paid, and rules amended. How can board decisio…

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Finance A Taxing Situation
2003 Feb A Taxing Situation

The city has been buzzing in recent months over Mayor Bloomberg's historic 18.5 percent property tax hike and what it will mean for property owners throughout the five boroughs. The tax hike comes hard on the heels of serious increases in …

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Board Operations The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love
2003 Feb The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love

If you live in a co-op, you have one. It may be a woman, or a man; someone just starting their career, enjoying the fruits of retirement, or somewhere in between. They don't get paid, they put in many hours on your behalf, and chances are …

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Law & Legislation Silence is Golden
2003 Feb Silence is Golden

Honking horns, noisy refuse trucks, construction clamor, boom boxes and car alarms are just some of the undeniable facts of life in living in the city that never sleeps. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, however, hopes to quell these noisy episo…

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