2002 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Whattayamean, "No"?
2002 Oct Whattayamean, "No"?

Smoking, a purchaser's pets, personal habits, and even cooking with the flair of Emeril are only some of the touchy aspects that a board may take into account when considering a new resident's application for admission into a building t…

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Board Operations Not Exactly a Walk in the Park
2002 Oct Not Exactly a Walk in the Park

All too often, individuals hastily volunteer to become a member of the board of directors in their condo or co-op building. Although these people should be commended for their effort and enthusiasm, often lost upon the typical board mem…

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Board Operations The Rights of Succession
2002 Oct The Rights of Succession

It is not uncommon for a precious commodity such as season tickets to the Yankees, Giants or Knicks to be handed down from father to son or from grandfather to grandson. So, in today's marketplace, it's easy to see why an apartment owner…

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Board Operations Shareholder Rights
2002 Oct Shareholder Rights

Whenever a resident, board member or building owner gets frustrated by inaction or the process of wading through the bureaucratic red tape of board politics, it's hard to know where to turn for a solution. Hostility accomplishes li…

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Communications Staking Your Co-op's Claim on the Internet
2002 Oct Staking Your Co-op's Claim on the Internet

Co-op and condo boards are charged with maximizing the value of their shareholders' and unit-owners' real estate investments. Year after year, these boards diligently replace aging equipment, refurbish lobbies, clear up code violations, …

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Design Throw Some Light On It
2002 Oct Throw Some Light On It

Everybody wants to show themselves and their home in the best light possible - literally. How you light a room gives it added definition and character, and enhances both the space's contents and its inhabitants. When it comes to interior…

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Law & Legislation Without Rhyme or Reason
2002 Oct Without Rhyme or Reason

The age-old battle between applicants and co-op and condominium boards can sometimes seem like a cunning chess match in which the prospective buyers are pawns awaiting to be knighted with the stamp of approval before they are allowed to…

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Finance It's Your Dime
2002 Oct It's Your Dime

As surely as kids dread the back-to-school season every fall, so too must co-op boards face the budget season. A building really has only one shot at establishing income for the whole next year, and while many of you may be far from nov…

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Law & Legislation Overseer or Overlord?
2002 Oct Overseer or Overlord?

In a case that may well have far-reaching implications both in New York City and beyond, the state Appellate Court, 2nd Department, is currently crafting a judgment that may give the state Attorney General increased oversight in how co-…

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Maintenance Mind Your Marble and Master Your Metal
2002 Oct Mind Your Marble and Master Your Metal

Marble columns, iron grillwork, decorative cornices, brass details on doors; these are extra touches that make a building unique. When marble is polished and clean, ironwork and cornices free of rust, and brass buffed to an impeccable s…

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Board Operations It's (Mostly) the Money, Honey...
2002 Oct It's (Mostly) the Money, Honey...

Anyone who has ever undergone the process of applying to be a shareholder in a New York City co-op knows how exhausting it can be, not to mention stressful. From securing a loan, to culling financial documents to be reviewed by a co-op …

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