2002 Jun
Focus on... Law and Legislation

Law & Legislation Stand Up and Speak
2002 Jun Stand Up and Speak

Since the attacks and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Centers in Lower Manhattan last fall, area residents, business owners, real estate professionals, developers, and concerned citizens' groups have been doing their best to navig…

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Law & Legislation Lead Paint, Taxes, Sidewalk Liability
2002 Jun Lead Paint, Taxes, Sidewalk Liability

Although most political watchdogs and legal experts cite the city and state budget woes as a reason for the slow legislative year, a number of important initiatives of interest to co-ops and condos are currently under review. New Yo…

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Buying & Selling The Downtown Market
2002 Jun The Downtown Market

The downtown Manhattan real estate market has gone though a series of ups and downs in past years, but clearly, nothing in recent memory has affected it as drastically as the September 11 terrorist attacks. The aftereffects of the attac…

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Design Decors Without Borders
2002 Jun Decors Without Borders

Asian-inspired design elements have been quietly infiltrating some of the swankiest New York dwellings - and with good reason. Actually two good reasons: form and function. The draw of the popular Asian aesthetic is that it cherishes bo…

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Neighborhoods Museums, Mansions, and Millionaires
2002 Jun Museums, Mansions, and Millionaires

On Manhattan's Upper East Side, embracing world-class museums, exclusive private schools foreign embassies and just steps from Central Park, lies one of New York City's premier "status" neighborhoods. Commercial truck clamor is rarely …

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Maintenance Dust Busting
2002 Jun Dust Busting

On May 8, 2002, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a comprehensive plan to ensure that apartments surrounding Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan are properly cleaned. The plan - which calls for government funded cleaning and…

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Organizations In the Know
2002 Jun In the Know

To Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives and Condominiums (FNYHC) executive director Gregory Carlson, there's a big difference between a co-op or condominium board and an informed co-op or condominium board. Carlson's unwritten job…

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