2000 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Management Hit the Ground Running
2000 Oct Hit the Ground Running

Not entirely satisfied with the performance of your management company? Chances are your board hasn’t sought a new agent because they were frightened of the transition. Such is the case with many of the buildings that have interviewed Ronni…

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Board Operations Getting the Message Out
2000 Oct Getting the Message Out

Who would visit a medical office that did not have running water? Many would question whether the office was sanitary. This occurred to a doctor who used a Forest Hills co-op unit as his office. Management placed a notice under residents’ d…

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Board Operations Combat Homeowner Apathy
2000 Oct Combat Homeowner Apathy

It’s the beginning of another meeting in your building and even though signs were posted throughout the lobby and on bulletin boards, the crowd is sparse. To make matters worse, the few owners or shareholders who are in attendance have only…

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Buying & Selling House Hunting in the City
2000 Oct House Hunting in the City

As parents we strive to create the perfect home for our children. A place of solitude, refuge–a place to call home. A place where our children can play freely in the backyard; a place where they can socialize and grow with other children; a…

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Neighborhoods SoHo Sophisticated
2000 Oct SoHo Sophisticated

English author Samuel Johnson once claimed that when a man tires of London, he is tired of life. The same could be said of SoHo. Nestled alongside Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Tribeca, SoHo has long held a reputation as New York’s ar…

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Organizations Brown Harris Stevens
2000 Oct Brown Harris Stevens

The reputable full-service real estate firm Brown Harris Stevens has its roots in residential and commercial real estate appraisal. It was at the forefront of management and sales during the early 1920s and 1930s when the original grand co-…

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Maintenance Bronx Beginnings
2000 Oct Bronx Beginnings

Early in the 20th Century, and until the 1950s, the oil industry as we know it today did not exist. Homes were heated with coal, and some readers who wish to date themselves may still remember cleaning the ashes and soot out of a furnace or…

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