1998 Nov
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Maintenance Maintenance Fees
1998 Nov Maintenance Fees

Cost of living increases can be felt everywhere, from the theatre to the supermarket to the gas station. So it may come as a surprise to many co-op and condo residents that one place you don't have to expect an increase is in your monthly m…

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Board Operations Policies and Procedures
1998 Nov Policies and Procedures

The best-run co-ops and condos regularly update their house rules document, providing essential information to residents, the board and the professionals who work with the building, on everything from payment of arrears to installation of w…

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Board Operations Checks and Balances
1998 Nov Checks and Balances

Your co-op or condo is your home but it's also a business with vendors, contractors and a board of directors that sets guidelines affecting everyone. As in any business, there exists the potential for theft and fraud. While there are no …

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