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Management Updating Your Documents
2020 January Updating Your Documents

The governing documents of a housing development—be it a cooperative, condominium, or homeowners association—spell out the rules, regulations, and policies that all unit owners or shareholders are obligated to follow as a condition of their…

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Management The Evolution of Property Management
2020 January The Evolution of Property Management

Like so many other sectors of the economy, residential real estate management has changed and evolved since the turn of the millennium—and like those other sectors, much of that evolution is directly linked to the development and adoption o…

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Management Conflict in Client Communities
Conflict in Client Communities

Of all the skills a good property manager must possess, conflict management is high up on the list. Not just knowing how , but when to step in (or not) is part and parcel of helping boards and residents maintain harmony and quality o…

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Management Inheriting Co-op Shares
2019 November Inheriting Co-op Shares

Say you and your spouse own a single-family home. You’ve got two grown kids and a couple of grandchildren. When the time comes, assuming your will and other end-of-life documents are in order, seeing to it that your property and assets are …

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Management Why Am I Being  Deposed?
2019 October Why Am I Being Deposed?

The unit owners in your condominium have been noticed for deposition in the pending transition litigation. Now they have come to you, the property management team, with questions. What should they expect at the deposition? What kinds of que…

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Management How Property Managers Save Time
2019 October How Property Managers Save Time

To describe the life of a property manager as 'busy' is an understatement. From visiting client communities to answering endless board member and resident queries, to fielding bids from contractors—the property manager's work is never compl…

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Management Co-ops, Condos, & Kids
2019 October Co-ops, Condos, & Kids

While children are most certainly the future, in the present they can often be a bit of a handful. In buildings and associations where residents live in close quarters, it’s inevitable that unit owners without kids will cross paths with the…

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Management Managing Conflicts
Managing Conflicts

Living in a multifamily dwelling requires tolerance for other people, particularly when those people are noisy, smelly, or have questionable taste in door decorations. In New York, where the majority of people share a wall with at least one…

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