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Interior Preparing for the Big Chill
2001 Sep Preparing for the Big Chill

In the midst of all the sunshine and warm temperatures of late summer, it seems cruel to have to acknowledge the coming of winter. In a city where our warm days are limited to a precious few months of the year, it’s tempting to ignore winte…

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Maintenance Power Steering
2001 Jul Power Steering

Picture this: The power goes out in Washington Heights. When it comes back on in Washington Heights, it goes out in Clinton. When it comes back on in Clinton, it goes out in Battery Park City. And so on, across the city. Panic sets in, chao…

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Maintenance Fire Safety
2001 Apr Fire Safety

The Cooperator’s Co-op and Condo Expo included a standing room only crowd at a seminar on new fire safety regulations. A panel of experts explained the law and provided information on everything from who is ultimately responsible for postin…

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Maintenance Breathe Easy
2001 Apr Breathe Easy

It’s the end of another long day at work. You come home, lock the door, flop down on the couch and take a deep breath. Time to rest easy. But consider that deep breath. How clean is the air in your co-op or condo? Do you really want to know…

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Maintenance Hi-Tech Maintenance?
2001 Apr Hi-Tech Maintenance?

In the autumn of 1999 a hot concept in property management emerged: Why not use the Internet to streamline the management process? By the spring of 2000 three Web sites had launched, each with a different vision and approach but sharing the…

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Maintenance In a Class of Thier Own
2001 Feb In a Class of Thier Own

"It’s probably the last remaining profession to make house calls!" says Eugene Marabello, president of The Superintendent’s Club of New York, an organization dedicated to filling a gap in the knowledge base of multi-family building maintena…

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Maintenance Be Safe, Be Secure
2001 Feb Be Safe, Be Secure

Your home is your haven, your sanctuary, the one place where you can feel comfortable, safe, and secure. At least, that’s what a home should be. But according to the National Safety Council, no fewer than 15 household accidents resulting in…

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Maintenance Bronx Beginnings
2000 Oct Bronx Beginnings

Early in the 20th Century, and until the 1950s, the oil industry as we know it today did not exist. Homes were heated with coal, and some readers who wish to date themselves may still remember cleaning the ashes and soot out of a furnace or…

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Interior RATS!
2000 Sep RATS!

Once again newspapers are headlined with the word "Rats," and the questions on every resident’s mind are, "Where did they come from this time?" and "How do we get rid of them?" Like many other problems that face large groups of people tryin…

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Interior Water Bill Anguish
2000 Jun Water Bill Anguish

The following article contains excerpts from a series of statements submitted by Michael Lockhart, president of American Telephone and Utility Consultants and founder of The Coalition for Water Bill Justice, and Lawrence Schatt, deputy comm…

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