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Design What's Happening in Design
What's Happening in Design

While the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic may have stopped much of our normal economic activity in its tracks, the gradual revival of business and commerce is inspiring some new thinking and new solutions for individual unit owners, …

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Design Seeking Safe Outdoor Spaces
Seeking Safe Outdoor Spaces

For house-hunters in New York, outdoor space has always been a key amenity. While terraces, balconies and private gardens also top the list, larger outdoor spaces like roof decks and community gardens are perennially popular with both curre…

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Design Fitting in Fitness
Fitting in Fitness

The most popular amenity by far in apartment communities—whether co-op, condo, or rental—is a gym. Even in small buildings, where space for extras is at a premium, boards look for ways to add a fitness room somewhere, anywhere, they can wed…

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Design Glass vs. Masonry
Glass vs. Masonry

Over the past two decades, New Yorkers have become increasingly used to seeing tall, reflective, glass residential towers rise over the cityscape, even in neighborhoods that have been bastions of the world-class architecture that gives the …

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Design Lobby Decor
Lobby Decor

While not usually considered an amenity per se, an elegantly appointed lobby can be both a draw for prospective purchasers and a welcoming space for residents in co-op and condominium communities. While some communities furnish their lobbie…

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Design Built-In Apartment Features
Built-In Apartment Features

When it comes to co-op or condo, home improvements are a personal thing, reflecting the style and taste of the owner, and impacting the functionality of the unit. A prime example of this are built-ins; those personalized furnishings that pr…

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Design Repurposing  Unused Space
2019 May Repurposing Unused Space

Ideas about architecture, design and the use of space have changed over the years.  Back in the first half of the last century when both developers and consumers had different needs and agendas than they do today (not to mention less advanc…

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Design The Latest in Green Design
2019 May The Latest in Green Design

Even before Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) introduced the Green New Deal resolution to Congress on February 7, the impending consequences of climate change and global warming has been a hot topic (no pun intended). While some may cove…

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Design Alteration Agreements
2019 May Alteration Agreements

So, you want to renovate your kitchen.  You’ve chosen your tile, cabinetry, and fixtures. You’ve gotten bids from several contractors, and are ready to dig in and overhaul the whole space.  But not so fast. You live in a co-op.  You need b…

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Design Design by Committee
2019 May Design by Committee

Every member of a community association has a vested interest in the appearance of their property, both inside and out. Residents see the inside of their building every day, so it matters that it’s visually appealing. Equally importantly, t…

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