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Buying & Selling To Rent...Or Buy?
To Rent...Or Buy?

When considering whether to buy or rent a home, the rent-to-price ratio—calculated as median annual rent as a percentage of median home price in a given area—can be a useful metric. In locations with high rent-to-price ratios, it may be bet…

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Buying & Selling Can Co-op Boards Set Unit Prices?
Can Co-op Boards Set Unit Prices?

Even before the arrival of  COVID, the co-op and condominium markets in New York City were softening. The pandemic has only served to exacerbate the problem. Now, market forces are flying wild, with unexpected results everywhere you look. A…

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Buying & Selling Got Ghosts?
Got Ghosts?

As Halloween approaches, buyers and sellers of real estate might do well to keep in mind that residential properties - be they condo, co-op, or single-family house - have a past. What’s more, that past might still be lurking around in close…

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