The Best – and Worst – of New York Life in the Apple

The city that never sleeps: That’s New York, and it turns out it’s one of the things that its residents adore most about it. It’s also one of the things they hate. Along with the convenience, access and availability to just about everything at any time comes the noise, dirt and overcrowding that is the other face of New York City.

Without question the city is unique – Unique New York, as the tongue twister says.  (Say it three times fast!) New York offers opportunities not found anywhere else. Along with the chance to become whatever you aspire to be, you also have the opportunity to do it while living in a tiny room in a shared apartment for more money than your parents pay for their mortgage on their four-bedroom colonial in the town or suburb you grew up in.  Yet, every day you can look up at the penthouse in that new building not far from where you stumble up the stairs to your fifth-floor walk-up apartment and dream that someday it could be yours.

What makes New York so unique?  It has everything.  If you aspire to the arts, here is where the mentors and the critics are. If you want to be a captain of industry, here is where the generals and admirals of the world’s most powerful economic forces plot their strategies. If you want to make a name for yourself in the world of law or government, here is where the most high profile offices of those professions, both public and private, hang out their shingles.  It’s a never-ending list.

For all of that, however, the one thing that most New Yorkers share is a love/hate relationship with the city they call home.  It’s stiflingly hot in the summer, and bitterly cold in the winter.  It’s profoundly seductive, but insultingly expensive.  It’s convenient, but crowded to the point of frustration.  It’s the fastest place in the world, with crosstown traffic that often moves just a few feet at a time.  You might love the luxury of a taxi or Uber, but the subway will always get you there faster and a lot cheaper...unless your line is under ‘regularly scheduled necessary maintenance,’ which any New Yorker will tell you is really a euphemism for ‘the system breaks down a lot.’  New York is both enchanting and aggravating—and The Cooperator reached out to some professionals in the multifamily real estate industry to tell us about their own love/hate relationship with their City. 


It seems the single thing most residents love the most is the convenience that city life affords them, especially in Manhattan.  “Everything is within your grasp,” says Dorothy Somekh, an associate broker with Halstead Properties, a large real estate brokerage firm with locations throughout New York City.  “Shops, restaurants – whatever you need. And you can have anything delivered.” 


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