3 People in Charge of Application Process at Mitchell-Lama Co-op Indicted Defendants Allegedly Accepted Bribes From People Who Wanted the Affordable Units

Luna Park co-ops (photo: Brooklyn District Attorney's office)

Three officials responsible for the application process for purchasing Mitchell Lama co-ops in Coney Island were indicted for allegedly accepting bribes from applicants who wanted to buy into affordable housing

The 78-count indictment was announced Tuesday May 21 by the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez in a press release. Among the charges were grand larceny, conspiracy and forgery.

The three officials for the Luna Park Housing Corporation, a Mitchell-Lama complex, are accused of collecting $874,000 in bribes from ineligible applicants in a scheme that involved 18 apartments.

The defendants were identified by the Brooklyn District Attorney's office as Anna Treybich, Irina Zeltser and Karina Andriyan, all from Coney Island. They were scheduled to be arraigned this past Tuesday.

“These defendants allegedly conspired to corrupt the process by which eligible prospective tenants could have access to affordable housing in Brooklyn, and then used their illegal proceeds to fund lavish lifestyles,” said Gonzalez in a statement “Their alleged greed cheated people who were entitled to apartments that instead went to those willing to pay bribes.”


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  • I am always happy when I see the district Attorney doing their real job about Cooperative abuses by crooks. Thee guys some of them are criminal wearing suits and ties.May be with the new District Attorney coming up soon in Queens a Borough with the largest amount of Coop in the State of New-York, hopefully the new District Attorney office holder will probably look at new regulation for Management of the building who have no license for running their mills and hold them accountable since they have free rein with coop funds and Dumb board member by-passing their fiduciary duty for lack of knowledge will also be hold accountable and responsible for their refusal to protect the asset of shareholder in the community. Help is always much needed in that area of the real estate. I still remember the great D A, Morghentau from Manhattan in the 1980 for exposing the crook in the industry some of them I still remember them vividly. Its a disgrace living in my coop 30years and its seem progress made in short time never follow It is an intelligence failure as much as leadership quality of the individuals.