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Board Operations Co-op/Condo Communities and Social Media
2019 October Co-op/Condo Communities and Social Media

From getting the news, to finding that ultimate BBQ recipe, or just keeping up with friends and relatives both near and far, social media has become entwined in the fabric of our lives. In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest are so ubiq…

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Board Operations Being Good Neighbors
2019 October Being Good Neighbors

For most, living in a co-op or condo association implies at least some level of interest in being part of a larger community. That interest is usually limited to the condo or co-op community itself – but what about the greater community aro…

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Management Co-ops, Condos, & Kids
2019 October Co-ops, Condos, & Kids

While children are most certainly the future, in the present they can often be a bit of a handful. In buildings and associations where residents live in close quarters, it’s inevitable that unit owners without kids will cross paths with the…

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Board Operations Building a Stronger Community
2017 February Building a Stronger Community

Are condominiums, co-ops and HOAs cohesive communities? Is community part and parcel of what the purchaser is seeking when they buy into a co-op, condo or HOA? The concept of ‘community cohesiveness’ could be defined as a community in which…

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Board Operations Community Involvement
2015 December Community Involvement

According to the June 2014 US census, New York City—the largest, most populous city in the United States—is home to roughly 8.5 million people, and a record-breaking 56 million folks stopped in just to visit last year alone. The Big Apple i…

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Men and women neighbours characters living in neighboring home apartments hear loud music. Flat Art Vector illustration
The Best (and Worst) Neighbors in America

The results of a recent study conducted by digital real estate marketplace HomeAdvisor reveal that Americans relate to and interact with their neighbors very differently today than in decades past.  According to the company’s report based …

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