2017 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance Insurance Basics
2017 August Insurance Basics

For many people, insurance seems like its own mysterious realm, filled with terminologies that sound formidable and enigmatic. At the same time, people also understand the profound importance of insurance and what it can mean for the safety…

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Insurance Indemnity Clauses
2017 August Indemnity Clauses

Whether a small service contract for something like snow removal, or a larger initiative like replacing all the windows in a building or HOA, boards and property managers have to exercise extreme due diligence before signing on the dotted l…

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Insurance Insurance Law
2017 August Insurance Law

Insurance liability is a very important issue for a condo or HOA association or a condo board. Most have built up a good relationship with their insurance agents or brokers, and many are content to leave the details to the pros.  However, …

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Insurance Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
2017 August Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

Successful association or cooperative living requires harmony between all parties involved, from management to staff to board to residents. Should one of these groups put their own self-interests above the common good, the wheels can come o…

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Insurance Encouraging Board Participation
2017 August Encouraging Board Participation

With so many people leading busy, sometimes hectic, lives that revolve around work, kids, social functions, and other obligations, it’s often very difficult for co-op/condo/HOA administrators to find residents willing and able to serve thei…

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Q&A Q&A: Parking Mess
2017 August Q&A: Parking Mess

Q. The current parking situation is less than ideal and does not reflect the image that was generally presented to prospective buyers by the sponsor’s realtors. While the condominium offering plan  makes clear that each owner would not be…

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