2016 September
Focus on... Energy & The Environment

Energy Conservation The Green Market
2016 September The Green Market

Sustainability is the watchword these days. All over the country, businesses and residences are being encouraged to go green, and condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations are no exception.  But not all condos/co-ops/HOAs are…

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Energy Conservation Getting the Lead Out
2016 September Getting the Lead Out

While Flint, Michigan may have been the highest profile case of water being contaminated with lead in recent years, lead is an issue that water systems across the country have to navigate and monitor closely. Earlier in the year, there wer…

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Finance Creating a Greener New York City
2016 September Creating a Greener New York City

When the Bloomberg mayoral administration launched PlaNYC in 2007, New York City took notice. The program focused on the environment, and included everything from planting street trees to reducing carbon emissions, upgrading building codes …

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Management Pre-Winter Preparation
2016 September Pre-Winter Preparation

Unless you happen to make your home in the Sunbelt, winter is tough, period. The sun goes down at 4 p.m., sidewalk salt ruins your boots, and we all tend to stay home and eat too many carbs.  And while we’re all struggling on the street, h…

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Board Operations Seasonal Residents
2016 September Seasonal Residents

It’s a refrain you’ll commonly hear from retirees who are weary of suffering through cold northern winters or hot southern summers: “When I retire, I’m going to live in New York for half the year and in Florida for the other half!”  These …

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Finance The Importance of Reserves
2016 September The Importance of Reserves

When it comes to multi-family communities with shared accommodations, failing to plan for a rainy day could mean that when the rains do eventually come—and they will—bailing out will be much harder, and more costly, than it might have been …

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Finance New York City Co-op and Condo Tax Distribution
2016 September New York City Co-op and Condo Tax Distribution

As Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., once said, taxes are the price we pay for civilization. While that may be true, its truth doesn't make a hefty tax bill any easier to swallow, especially when it comes to city and state property taxes.  There…

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Design Green Walls and Other Spaces
2016 September Green Walls and Other Spaces

With rising awareness among everyday people about climate change, global warming, and the ever-more-pressing need to be smarter and more conservation-minded when it comes to energy and the environment has come some exciting innovations in l…

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Maintenance Night of the Living Pests
2016 September Night of the Living Pests

Few people in the New York City area—be they renters, buyers, or even just commuters—have managed to navigate the daily grind without coming eye-to-eye or face-to-face with pests such as ants, bees, mice, rats or roaches. Stumbling upon the…

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