2015 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Inside a Building’s Anatomy
2015 November Inside a Building’s Anatomy

If you think about it, a multifamily building isn’t that much different than the human body. Both house important complex operating systems and organ-like pieces of vital equipment, both take in fuel and produce waste, and both require regu…

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Maintenance A Look at Elevator Maintenance
2015 November A Look at Elevator Maintenance

Building amenities such as elevator systems are sometimes taken for granted. What goes up, after all, must come down, and vice versa, right? But elevators are not just for convenience and awkward silent moments, they also accommodate reside…

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Maintenance Keeping the Outside Safe
2015 November Keeping the Outside Safe

Exteriors of buildings, including condo and HOA buildings, aren’t always smooth brick walls. There are all sorts of indentations and protrusions, from terraces to stonework to cornices. There are also items that are not part of the building…

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Maintenance Vetting Your Professionals
2015 November Vetting Your Professionals

There is always work to be done on a building, whether it’s a simple lobby repair or a major capital improvement, but finding the right contractor for the job takes some work. If the vetting process is not done properly, the results could b…

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Maintenance HVAC Hygiene
2015 November HVAC Hygiene

In 1976, the American public became aware of a previously unrecognized disease, when 221 out of the more than 2,000 people who attended an American Legion convention in Philadelphia became sick with a form of atypical pneumonia that caused …

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Management Power Outages
2015 November Power Outages

Northeasterners are a tough breed, but even they have to deal with dark days and nights—and they need an action plan in case of a blackout. This was evidenced by the blackout of 2003. In August of that year, a series of power failures overl…

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Maintenance Maintenance Tips for  Buildings
2015 November Maintenance Tips for Buildings

Some buildings have lush reserve funds and the most pressing challenge in building maintenance involves new balustrades or landmark accents.  But for most co-op and condo managers in New York, building maintenance is less predictable. It q…

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Maintenance Don’t Get Your Building  into Hot Water
2015 November Don’t Get Your Building into Hot Water

When it comes to reducing energy costs in most buildings, the space heating system garners the lion’s share of attention. The performance of the hot water system is rarely considered until there is a complaint. And yet, water heating accoun…

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Q&A Q&A: Do We Need an Actual Quorum?
2015 November Q&A: Do We Need an Actual Quorum?

Q. We are a cooperative that falls under the purview of the New York State Business Corporation Law. Is there a law in there allowing us to conduct a meeting without a quorum having been reached? We need more than 50% of the vote and cert…

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