2014 May
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Design It's Those Drapes!
2014 May It's Those Drapes!

Allegedly, on his death bed and with his last breath, the great writer Oscar Wilde said, “This wallpaper is dreadful; one of us will have to go.” The quote conjures a mental picture: Wilde, pale and bedridden, propped up on massive Victori…

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Design Going Green to Save Green
2014 May Going Green to Save Green

These days, it seems like everybody is looking to 'go green.' The term is shorthand for a movement of environmental awareness that involves everything from the way architects design new buildings and homes to the ways co-ops, condos and HO…

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Design From Sand Lots to Play Dates
2014 May From Sand Lots to Play Dates

Sixty years ago, work and play were very different. A majority of women remained in the home, in both urban and suburban settings. The mostly male heads of households went off to work, and children went off to school and play. Since then, …

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Design Pets, Pools & Pilates
2014 May Pets, Pools & Pilates

Years ago, when you bought a co-op or condo apartment, you looked for a unit that had the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a perfectly-sized kitchen, and some great living space. For the longest time, that ideal combination was all …

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Design What’s Your Style?
2014 May What’s Your Style?

Renowned for its iconic skyline and masterfully-designed skyscrapers, New York City is also home to a number of new residential buildings that have become a part of modern-day Manhattan. Bringing life to a two-dimensional drawing of a buil…

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Management Multifamily Laundry Options
2014 May Multifamily Laundry Options

Ask people to list the household chores they dislike most, and chances are, doing laundry will consistently rank among the top ten. The need and appreciation for clean clothes gets overshadowed by the inconvenience of constantly having to …

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Q&A Q&A: Boards and the Right to Sublet Apartments
2014 May Q&A: Boards and the Right to Sublet Apartments

Q Can original co-op owners' rights to sublet their apartment be changed by a board resolution which refers to the BCL Section 501(c)? It seems that the appellate division of the Supreme Court of New York has ruled that section 501 (c) pr…

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