The Cooperator’s 27th Annual Co-op, Condo & Apartment Expo A Day of Learning & Networking for Boards, Managers and Building Owners

Thousands of board members, managers and building owners packed the aisles of the Hilton New York exhibit hall as The Cooperator presented its 27th annual Co-op, Condo and Apt. Expo, providing networking, information and educational opportunities for co-op and condo boards and residents throughout the tri-state area. Since 1987, the Expo is a fixture on the business calendar of vendors, service providers, board members, building staff and residents.

The 2014 Expo on April 16th was no exception as nearly 4,000 attendees visited some 300 exhibit booths and took in this year's lineup of informative educational seminars.

“Obviously our goal is to present attendees with information and products that will make running their buildings easier and more efficient,” says Yale Robbins, president of Yale Robbins, Inc., Expo producer and publisher of The Cooperator, “but we also put a great deal of thought into the bigger picture, anticipating trends and trying to broaden and build on our offerings from one year to the next.”

Henry Robbins, executive vice president and director of sales for Yale Robbins, Inc., added that despite the economy, overall attendance and interest in the Expo—both from vendors and attendees—has grown each year since the show was first produced. “It's really our exhibitors and our attendees who make this show what it is,” says Robbins. “Their enthusiasm and interest is contagious—the fact that the event grows and draws more people each year is proof of that.”

What Show-Goers Had to Say

Woodside, Queens board member Gennaro Massaro said he had a very positive experience at the Expo, his third time attending. “It was positive, I enjoyed it. There were many service providers and I enjoyed being able to talk to people in person about what services they offer and if they have something that might help us.” He noted that he brought back to his board a lot of printed material and business cards from vendors that his building might use in the future. “Sometimes you might want to try a different vendor or you might find someone new that you could use that’s really good. I brought back a lot of information. I’m not the president but I gave the president and manager all the information I got from the expo and they were really pleased.”