2014 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Disaster Management
2014 December Disaster Management

While September 11th probably stands as the biggest emergency New Yorkers have faced to date, many other, less-catastrophic crises arise in the city every day, from fires to water main breaks to building collapses. And whereas residents ha…

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Security Neighborhood Watch Groups
2014 December Neighborhood Watch Groups

It’s often said that safety starts at home—and while many HOAs spend lots of money on sophisticated security and access control systems to protect residents and their property, others opt for lower-tech solutions to neighborhood security…

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Where There’s Smoke ...
2014 December Where There’s Smoke ...

In January, a couple was caught in an apartment fire at the Strand Condominium on West 43rd Street in Manhattan. One person died, and the other suffered serious smoke inhalation. The tragic situation could have been even worse; other resid…

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Security vs. Privacy
2014 December Security vs. Privacy

For time immemorial, the home has been synonymous with warmth, comfort and, most importantly, safety. The boards and managers who oversee co-op and condominium communities are aiming to preserve this image by ensuring that safety is their …

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Management Safety and Security Training
2014 December Safety and Security Training

A fire breaks out in an apartment building; A broken water pipe floods several floors; A resident collapses in the lobby with a heart attack; An intruder roams the premises, possibly with criminal intent. In each case, fire rescue and poli…

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Security Guests in Co-ops and Condos
2014 December Guests in Co-ops and Condos

Whether you live in a Midtown high-rise or in a more spread-out outer-borough HOA, security—for both property and physical safety—is an important issue in any condo community. Who can come in, at what times, how long they can stay, and how…

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Real Estate Trends Security Technology
2014 December Security Technology

While it’s true that over the last two decades, New York City has become a much safer place to call home, that doesn’t mean that security concerns don’t still exist—especially for those living in co-ops, condos or HOAs. While security guar…

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Q&A Q&A: Accessing a Building's Financial Records
2014 December Q&A: Accessing a Building's Financial Records

Accessing a Building's Financial Records Q “I live in a co-op on Long Island and I ran for a board position this year. The current board and resident manager spread some vicious rumors about me to keep me off the board. I’m very con…

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Q&A Q&A: Neighbor's Ever-Expanding Room
2014 December Q&A: Neighbor's Ever-Expanding Room

“A condo owner on my building, added an extra room to her condo in our common basement, now the basement is getting smaller and her condo is getting bigger. Is it fraud or theft to the member association? What can we do? She has been adding…

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