2012 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Relations Come One, Come All
2012 January Come One, Come All

 The holidays are behind us, and the long haul toward spring is underway. Along  with the usual springtime showers and flowers, of course, comes The Cooperator’s annual Co-op & Condo Expo. The Expo is quietly taking shape as this spring’s …

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Management Relations Revenue or Reduction
2012 January Revenue or Reduction

 Budgeting is never easy, not for a family of four and certainly not for a co-op  or condo community of hundreds or thousands of residents. That fact is made all  the more difficult by the lingering effects of the recession, which continue…

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Management Relations A Day in the Life of a Manager
2012 January A Day in the Life of a Manager

 A friend of a property manager of a New York co-op recently remarked that “Superman has finally met his match” when a task came in that seemed to have the effect of kryptonite and slowed him  down—for a moment at least.    With man…

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Management Relations Friend Us on Facebook
2012 January Friend Us on Facebook

 With smart-phones dominating the cellular market, people now have Internet  access anywhere and everywhere they go. While shopping and “googling” are leading reasons to use the Internet, the rise of social media has changed  the way in wh…

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Management Relations A Matter of Style
2012 January A Matter of Style

 Every co-op, condo and HOA community is different—each has its own distinctive character, attitude, and expectations. The same is  obviously true for the individual people who manage these communities and help  them run their day-to-day b…

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Law & Legislation The Road Ahead
2012 January The Road Ahead

 In today’s legislative world, housing is a big item. Rent-payers, condo owners, co-op  shareholders, and developers all have their particular interests—and they don’t necessarily mesh. In the meantime, the ongoing recession threatens all …

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Real Estate Trends Aging in Place
2012 January Aging in Place

 Citizens over the age of 65 comprise nearly 13 percent of the U.S. population—just under 40 million seniors. By 2030, it is estimated that 72 million  Americans will be over the age of 65, nearly doubling those numbers. Where this  volume…

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Law & Legislation RIP Fannie & Freddie?
2012 January RIP Fannie & Freddie?

 One of the biggest issues in the real estate industry over the past year has  been the speculation that government-sponsored mortgage programs Fannie Mae and  Freddie Mac will be ending. For the past 70 years, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac  …

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Real Estate Trends Managing Properties in Tough Times
2012 January Managing Properties in Tough Times

 The economy cratered—to use a term in popular parlance at that time—in September, 2008, with the collapse of too-big-to-fail Lehman Brothers. While the measures undertaken by the federal government and the Federal Reserve  averted complet…

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Maintenance Fixing a Noisy Steam Pipe
2012 January Fixing a Noisy Steam Pipe

 No, your steam lines are not supposed to be noisy. The Beatles are considered to be among the best musicians of all time. But the cacophony you get from noisy steam lines is far from considered music at  all.    So what is causing …

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Q&A Q&A: Marijuana Problem in Manhattan
2012 January Q&A: Marijuana Problem in Manhattan

Q I live in a co-op in Manhattan and have a neighbor who enjoys smoking pot. The  problem is he does a horrible job containing the smell. He smokes out the  window and around the apartment. The smell comes into my apartment (which is  dir…

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Q&A Q&A: Exemption Used for Maintenance
2012 January Q&A: Exemption Used for Maintenance

hroom sink. But he did so by taking it from our SCRIE-DRIE-STAR credit  checks from the New York City Department of Finance. According to our bylaws  and proprietary lease, he is not supposed to charge for this service. What can  I do about…

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