2011 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Capitol Concerns
2011 June Capitol Concerns

Although the budget and tax cuts occupy the public agenda in these recessionary times, housing is still as big an issue as ever. Many housing-related bills, including those specifically related to co-ops and condos, have been introduced…

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Law & Legislation The Paper Chase
2011 June The Paper Chase

 With homeownership comes great responsibility. For co-op and condo residents,  part of that responsibility means sorting through the seemingly mile-high  stacks of documents handed to you before, during and after the purchase process  beg…

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Law & Legislation No Time Like the Precedent
2011 June No Time Like the Precedent

 Co-op and condo boards are made up of resident volunteers who want to serve  their building communities and have a hand in its governance. While some board  members actually make their living as attorneys and have a working knowledge of  …

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Law & Legislation "Phantom" Boards
2011 June "Phantom" Boards

 As the directors of a cooperative corporation, co-op board members have a number  of duties to their shareholders, chief among them to preserve and improve their  investment and to maintain and/or improve shareholders’ standard of living …

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Law & Legislation Can We Go Green?
2011 June Can We Go Green?

 As gasoline prices rise with increasing summer demand, building administrators'  attention has turned sharply to the cost of energy, and ways to trim fat from  their overall energy budgets.    Yet for the nation’s nearly 60 million…

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Law & Legislation Watch Your Mouth
2011 June Watch Your Mouth

 In the course of human events, it's almost inevitable that somewhere, at some  point, tempers will flare and someone will say something awful about someone  else. It can happen after the PTA meeting, in the gym, at the office...even in  o…

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Law & Legislation The ABCs of City Resources
2011 June The ABCs of City Resources

 You may live in the most well-run and self-sufficient building in the city, but  even in Gotham, no building is an island. Developments from Penn South in  Manhattan to Co-op City in the Bronx to the small six-story condo building in  the…

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Law & Legislation Tax Fight Continues in Queens
2011 June Tax Fight Continues in Queens

Despite some admissions of error from the city, and a temporary cap on increases in assessed valuations, co-op officers and elected officials from Eastern Queens who in recent weeks have declared a “tax revolt” aren’t backing down. …

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Q&A Q&A: Refinancing and Board Rejection
2011 June Q&A: Refinancing and Board Rejection

Q Is it true that the board can deny a refinancing application and not give a reason? Does a reason need to be provided on request? —Inquisitive Owner A “Assuming that the proprietary lease for the particular coope…

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Q&A Q&A: Who Pays for Leak Repair?
2011 June Q&A: Who Pays for Leak Repair?

Q My aunt owns a condo. The condo on top of hers had a plumbing problem that was leaking to her bathroom. They opened a hole in her wall to see the condition of the pipes and they were rusty and with leaks. Is the building association r…

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