2010 Feb
Focus on... Board/Shareholder Relations

Shareholder Relations Anger Management
2010 Feb Anger Management

 For most people, “foaming at the mouth” is just a figure of speech. Attorney Ellen Hirsch de Haan, a managing partner  in the Tampa Bay, Florida office of Becker & Poliakoff PA, has encountered the real thing—and not at an animal shelter,…

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Shareholder Relations Civilian Again
2010 Feb Civilian Again

 Few board members would argue that the time spent serving their buildings and  fellow residents can be both very strenuous and very rewarding. For years, they  make decisions that affect their community in the present and may continue to …

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Shareholder Relations Board Members and Privacy
2010 Feb Board Members and Privacy

 As the leaders of a private corporation in which shareholders own stock that  entitles them to live in an apartment within the corporation’s building, residential co-op board members have a lot of responsibility. Along  with this responsi…

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Shareholder Relations Home Sweet Office
2010 Feb Home Sweet Office

 Ari Meisel lives in a 4,000-square foot loft in a four-family co-op building in  Soho—he also operates several green buildings, consulting and real estate businesses  from the comfort of his own unit. He has lived in this building for his…

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Board Operations Board Elections
2010 Feb Board Elections

 Every co-op and condo community has a board of directors in charge of governing  the community’s finances, physical maintenance and other day-to-day business. Part of the  board’s responsibility also is to keep the community fiscally soun…

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Shareholder Relations Where the Dollars Are
2010 Feb Where the Dollars Are

 Few things can be as upsetting as discovering that the funds that fuel a co-op  or condo have been mishandled—or worse yet, stolen. For residents, fraud undermines their sense of trust in  the men and women who oversee and manage the plac…

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Neighborhoods Multicultural Patchwork
2010 Feb Multicultural Patchwork

 Astoria Boulevard is the second-to-last stop on the N-W subway line. The N train  whistles against the track on a banking turn near 39th Avenue, five subway  stops south of Astoria Boulevard. There’s a sign posted inside the train explain…

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Management Combining Apartments
2010 Feb Combining Apartments

 I often go up to Washington Heights, an area where I lived many years ago, just  to walk around. On one recent trip, I decided to take a look into the lobby of  my old apartment building on Cabrini Boulevard to see if there had been any  …

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Shareholder Relations What Do You Do With Your "Greenie"?
2010 Feb What Do You Do With Your "Greenie"?

 Most of your buildings have a shareholder—or maybe two or three—who fit into a particular mold: you know, longer hair, Birkenstocks, vintage  Woodstock t-shirts; or maybe yours has the $5,000 suit, $1,000 shoes, and  starched attitude. Th…

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Q&A Q&A: The Shining
2010 Feb Q&A: The Shining

Q I live in a high-rise co-op on the Upper East Side and have a situation where my neighbor two floors down built a terrace and installed six string up-lights, for "landscape" lighting, which shine up into my windows. They leave the…

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Q&A Q&A: Conflicted and Confused
2010 Feb Q&A: Conflicted and Confused

Q I am the vice president of our co-op board. Just recently we found out through a real estate ad that the president of the board is selling his unit. Does this pose a conflict of interest? In effect should the president remain the …

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Q&A Q&A: Separate But Equal?
2010 Feb Q&A: Separate But Equal?

Q Our co-op has a question about our various insurance policies. Our insurance agent has recommended to the board that we keep our Directors & Officers (D&O) coverage separate from our general liability coverage. I understand that som…

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