2008 Oct
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Board Operations The Key to Board Efficiency
2008 Oct The Key to Board Efficiency

Until recently, Claudia Tracey worked full time in a position that required an extensive amount of travel. At the same time she was, and still is, board president at Hampton Vistas Condominiums in Manorville, New York, which just went th…

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Board Operations Avoiding Sticky Situations
2008 Oct Avoiding Sticky Situations

Most co-op and condo boards that hire managing agents, rather than manage themselves with in-house staff, are reasonably satisfied with them. After all, the managers are presumably trained and experienced professionals. But now and …

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Board Operations Seeing Through it All
2008 Oct Seeing Through it All

Any relationship depends upon effective communication to function properly. In a co-op or condo, the relationship between the board and managing agent, or between the board and the shareholders, all have boundaries regarding what is acce…

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Board Operations Developing an Online Presence
2008 Oct Developing an Online Presence

Nowadays people are using their computers to connect to the Internet for just about every facet of their lives. Whether it’s buying cheap airline tickets, making reservations at their favorite restaurant or connecting with old friends on…

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Design Design Solutions for Small Spaces
2008 Oct Design Solutions for Small Spaces

Real estate in the Big Apple like any large metropolis is expensive, and that often means making due with a small apartment. Small spaces present many functional and aesthetic problems—lack of storage, oppressive walls, etc. Fortunately,…

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Board Operations In Your Place, In Their Place?
2008 Oct In Your Place, In Their Place?

Though many co-op buildings forbid subletting for an array of reasons, some co-op (and many more condo) buildings have populations of rental tenants residing in them. The arrangement is mostly peaceful and drama-free, but friction does o…

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Board Operations Recent Legal Case Addresses ADA Issues
2008 Oct Recent Legal Case Addresses ADA Issues

Co-op boards are often faced with difficult judgment calls; on the one hand, it’s the duty of board members to safeguard their fellow shareholders’ investments and overall quality of life. On the other hand, they must carry out that duty…

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Board Operations Picking a Few Good Apples
2008 Oct Picking a Few Good Apples

These days, there’s no shortage of articles in magazines, newspapers, and online about how time-crunched most people feel. Between work, family obligations, long commutes, and a vast array of other factors vying for attention and precio…

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Board Operations IREM Celebrates its Anniversary
2008 Oct IREM Celebrates its Anniversary

This year, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is celebrating its 75th anniversary. For three-quarters of a century now, IREM has provided education, resources, information and membership to real estate management professional…

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Board Operations It's Worth the Effort
2008 Oct It's Worth the Effort

We’ve all heard that “first impressions are important” when meeting people; so too with buildings. A potential buyer’s or visitor’s first impression often determines their opinion of the building and its apartments and has a dramatic imp…

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Board Operations Inside the New York City Loft Board
2008 Oct Inside the New York City Loft Board

Ever since New York City was New Amsterdam, landlords have made extra money by converting unused space in their buildings into residential lofts. While many apartment-seekers gravitated toward these conversions, artists, bohemians, and o…

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Board Operations A Tree-Lined Oasis
2008 Oct A Tree-Lined Oasis

It’s a pretty name for a pretty neighborhood. Located in the southern end of Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens has long been a destination for those in search of a little greenery to go with their city living. With its park, its tree-lined str…

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Q&A Q&A: Where's the Heat?
2008 Oct Q&A: Where's the Heat?

Q The co-op my mother lives in, in Queens, has a unique way of saving on heating expenses. First, from October to May, maintenance fees are raised for the fuel used during those months. Secondly, the heat is shut off completely at night. …

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Q&A Q&A: Guest Parking Violations
2008 Oct Q&A: Guest Parking Violations

Q The co-op I live in has its own parking. Even stockholders must purchase a parking pass if they wish to use the lot. In order to make it convenient for my son to visit me, I bought him an annual pass to the parking lot. My son is an adu…

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