2001 May
Focus on... Interior Design

Design More Than Just a Good Eye
2001 May More Than Just a Good Eye

It’s not that your lobby looks bad. It’s just that the mirrored light fixtures and orange trim that seemed so stylish in the (original) days of Abba and flared slacks feels rather dated now. A renovation appears inevitable. How should your …

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Design Designing Outdoor Space
2001 May Designing Outdoor Space

"It’s very special to have outdoor space in Manhattan. It’s so valuable," says Madelyn Simon, CEO of Madelyn Simon Associates, that specializes in interior and exterior plantscapes. Simon’s past projects have included landscaping the butter…

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Design That Special Touch
2001 May That Special Touch

Is the entryway of your building looking less than inviting these days? Perhaps the lobby isn’t as cozy and welcoming as residents might like, or maybe it’s the mailroom that needs some work. If it’s been years since the last time your comm…

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Neighborhoods Brooklyn's Gold Coast
2001 May Brooklyn's Gold Coast

There will always be those who insist that if they can’t live in Manhattan, they would rather not live in New York City at all. They feel that Manhattan is the one true New York and that the outer boroughs are remote hinterlands barely fit …

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Communications Rooftop Money-Makers
2001 May Rooftop Money-Makers

Beyond collecting monthly maintenance payments, co-ops and condos are always searching for creative methods of generating discretionary income. Renting out excess parking areas and installing storage lockers for rental are two ways to boost…

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Buying & Selling The Purchasing Journey
2001 May The Purchasing Journey

The following article is an excerpt from The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Co-ops and Condos in New York City, a book I wrote that was designed to be the ultimate guide: a good overview of what you need to know about buying and selli…

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Management Leaders in Management
2001 May Leaders in Management

On February 8, 2001, The Cooperator presented its annual Leadership in Management Award to three managing agents who went "above and beyond the call of duty" in seeing to the needs of their buildings and residents over the last year. Th…

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