2001 Aug
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Insurance Are Rock-Bottom Rates a Thing of the Past?
2001 Aug Are Rock-Bottom Rates a Thing of the Past?

The 1990s were good times for those paying insurance premiums. "We had almost a decade of severe, severe cost cutting," says Coletta Kemper, vice president of industry affairs for the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers. "They were abou…

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Insurance Directors and Officers
2001 Aug Directors and Officers

The eccentric widow who lives in apartment 3F with her 16 cats claims that undue noise from the musicians in 3G caused her to have a nervous breakdown-and you, the board president, are to blame because the wall between the apartments-two fe…

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Insurance Better Safe than Sorry
2001 Aug Better Safe than Sorry

By definition, insurance doesn’t fit into the mold of predictability. It’s something we buy, but hope we’ll never need. With some 30,000 structural fires taking place in New York City last year, it’s clear that the unexpected can and does h…

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Insurance Minimize Renovation RIsk
2001 Aug Minimize Renovation RIsk

As construction insurance has evolved into a highly specialized and complex field over the past few decades, effective management of risk and insurance is critical when undertaking a construction project. Unfortunately, there is still no si…

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Finance Are We There Yet?
2001 Aug Are We There Yet?

Alan Greenspan and the Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve have received a lot of press coverage recently for their aggressive attempts to revive the economy and ward off a recession. Their unprecedented program of mostly half-poin…

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Neighborhoods Brooklyn Heights
2001 Aug Brooklyn Heights

If Manhattan is a sea of change, Brooklyn Heights is the peaceful shore to which weary Manhattanites retreat. More than 175 years ago, Brooklyn Heights emerged as one of the first American suburbs. Bounded by the East River, Fulton Street, …

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